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JUP-2110 is an organic UV visible fluorescent pigment. It is widely used in stamp ink, printing ink, security printing ink, coating and dyeing etc.

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JUP-P103 is an inorganic UV visible fluorescent pigment. It is used in stamp ink, printing ink, security printing ink, coating and dyeing.

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JUP-AS110 is an IR visible fluorescent pigment. It is luminescent pigments that converts invisible infrared light into different visible color light for various kinds of printing application such as anti-counterfeiting ink and security ink, and will not have any worse effect while mixing with any types of inks. It's can be added in plastic, paper, cloth, ceramic, glass and solution etc.

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Nano-Glo AS-14

Nano-Glo AS-14 is a red orange fluorescent pigment which have superior brightness, best tinctorial strength and more fluorescent when compared to other thermoplastic fluorescent pigments commercially available. They are recommended for a wide range of applications where resistance to strong solvents is not needed, and they perform well in a system based on aliphatic and some aromatic hydrocarbons. Also usable in water systems where prolonged shelf-life is not required. Recommended for such applications as A-type gravure inks, vinyl plastisols, organisols, vinyl coated fabric, paper coatings, screen inks, paints, plastics and crayons with melt temperatures less then 190°C. Also suitable in the coloring of the injection molding of polyolefins less than 190°C.

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Nano-Glo FB-11

Nano-Glo FB-11 is a fluorescent pink pigment. It exhibits an excellent dispersion, high tinctorial strength, good brightness and strong bleeding resistance. It is used in polyolefin and PVC. Further it is recommended to be used under 250°C.

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Nano-Glo GS-15

Nano-Glo GS-15 is a lemon yellow fluorescent pigment dispersion. It offers a sub-micron, high tinctorial strength, excellent dispersion stability, enhanced brightness, fluorescent pigment particle with superior light-fastness properties. It is suitable for use in water based textile printing and pad dyeing owing to its outstanding characteristics, and also can be applied to various non-textile applications, such as inks, paints, papers, poster color, stationery, special water base ink, etc.

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Nano-Glo PS-12

Nano-Glo PS-12 is a fluorescent orange yellow pigment. It possess better tinctorial strength, exceptional brightness, excellent heat stability with stronger solvent and bleeding resistance. It can be vastly applied to the organic solvent systems of non-polar and weak polar. They are used in such applications as non-polar gravure inks, PVC plastisols, paper coatings, PVC screen inks, crayons, etc.

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Nano-Glo ZQ-18

Nano-Glo ZQ-18 is a fluorescent green pigment. It offers formaldehyde free, lower mold plate-out, melt-in, best tinting strength, superior brightness, increased plastic compatibility, fade resistant and excellent heat stability in injection molded plastics when compared to other thermoplastic fluorescent pigments commercially available. The maximum recommended processing temperature can be as high as 280 to 300°C.

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Tri-band Phosphors

Tri-band Phosphors for tricolor lamps

Code No.

Chemical Formula

Emission  Color

Emission peak














Y2O3: Eu




Premixed tri-band phosphors for CFL and CCFL lamps



Emission color

Color Temperature


Tricolor blend

Warm White



Tricolor blend




Tricolor blend

Cool White



Tricolor blend



*Note: Special color temperature can be produced according to requirement from customers


triband phosphor, tri-color phosphor, tri-phosphors, premixed tri-band phosphors, YOX phosphor, YOE phosphor, trichromatic phosphor, three-color phosphor


Red phosphor JUP-1310 Technical

Code No.: JUP-1310
Vanadium yttrium oxide phosphate,europium-doped
Formula: Y(PV)O4: Eu
Purpose: It is white powder. The material is emitted red light excitated by ultraviolet ray at 365nm. It is the material used as luminophore for manufacturing high pressure mercury lamp (HPMV lamp).

Technology Index:
1.No visible mechanical impurity is allowed inside the powder
2.No remains through screen 80 interval/cm
3.Density: ≤4.0-4.4g/cm³
4.Median particle diameter:D50≤8.0μm
5.Relative luminosity: ≥100% of the standard sample
6.Main peak wavelength of the emitting spectrum: 619±5nm
7.Color coordinate: x=0.663±0.005, y=0.331±0.005


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