Food Acids are different flavor tinge imparting food Additives


Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties. Ascorbic acid and its sodium, potassium, and calcium salts are commonly used as antioxidant food additives. In plastic manufacturing, ascorbic acid can be used to assemble molecular chains more quickly and with less waste than traditional synthesis methods. It is a cofactor in tyrosine oxidation. It is easily oxidized and so is used as a reductant in photographic developer solutions and as a preservative. In fluorescence microscopy and related fluorescence-based techniques, ascorbic acid can be used as an antioxidant to increase fluorescent signal and chemically retard dye photobleaching. It is also commonly used to remove dissolved metal stains, such as iron, from fiberglass swimming pool surfaces.

Citrazinic Acid

Citrazinic acid is a heterocyclic compound consisting of a dihydropyridine ring derived from citric acid. The yellow solid exists as multiple tautomers.

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Citric Acid Anhydrous

CAS RN 77-92-9 Packing: 25kg kraft bag We leading factory produce and export Citric Acid Anhydrous in China, the quality comply with BP2011/FCC4/E330 standard. The quality is rather good in world market. Capability: 300mt monthly. We also supply Citric Acid Mono food grade. Welcome to contact us for more detail.

Dimethyl Dicarbonate FOOD GRADE 99.8%

DMDC can permeate through the cell membrane, and block the metabolism through reacting with the enzymes of microorganism, then achieve the purpose of sterilization. Even in very low additive amount, DMDC can effectively kill typical spoilage bacteria in beverage, and not affect the taste, flavor and color of the beverage. Furthermore, it could be rapidly and completely hydrolyzed to carbon dioxide and methanol, which are the natural ingredients of juice.

Picolinic Acid

Picolinic acid is a pyridine compound with a carboxyl side chain at the 2-position. It is an isomer of nicotinic acid, which has the carboxyl side chain at the 3-position. It is a catabolite of the amino acid tryptophan. It acts as a chelating agent of elements such as chromium, zinc, manganese, copper, iron, and molybdenum in the human body.

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Squaric Acid

Squaric acid is a white crystalline powder.Medically, squaric acid dibutylester is used for the treatment of warts.It is also used treating alopecia areata or alopecia totalis/universalis (autoimmune hair loss).

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caffeine USP 99,99

US Pharmaceutical Grade Caffeine 100% Pure With no additive or fillers. For research use and to be used as an ingredient in supplements only.

calcium ascorbate FOOD GRADE

Calcium ascorbate, is briefly called Vc-Ca, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and feed, It won't change the original taste of food. It can keep the activity of Vc with the function of replenishing calcium(easy to be absorbed).
The quality of Vc-Ca is in conformity with the whole requirements of CP/Usp/FCC.
Vc-Ca directly-compression granule is processed with Vc-Ca. 

Calcium Ascorbate could be added in soup and soup-type foods and supply the calcium without changing the original taste of food and losing physical activity of VC. So it is bifunctional agent in preventing rachitis and scurvy. Calcium Ascorbate features wide use, early development, easy synthesis, less pollution, high efficiency and lower costs. Of our food additives and food ingredients.

citric acid anhydrous food grade FOOD GRADE 99%min


Citric acid monohydrate: 8-40mesh/8-80mesh

Citric acid anhydrous: 8-12mesh/30-100mesh

Package: 25kg kraft bag

Loading: 25mts/20'fcl