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Inhibex 301

Inhibex 301 is a copolymer of vinyl caprolactam and N,N-diethylaminoethylmethacrylate in butyl cellosolve. It offers gas hydrate inhibition along with the added benefit of corrosion inhibition properties. At a dose rate of 0.6 wt.%, it performs well in the presence of condensate at 10.5°C sub cooling in autoclave cells containing green canyon gas.

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Inhibex 501

Inhibex 501 is designed for cloud points above 50°C. It exhibits a cloud point at 72°C well above other gas hydrate inhibitors. In many injection applications, cloudiness is acceptable while the critical temperature is the precipitation temperature of the polymer. It offers a precipitation temperature of 98°C in fresh water and a 45°C precipitation in brine.

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Inhibex 505

Inhibex 505 is a high-performance kinetic hydrate inhibitor with high temperature and high salt tolerance. The properties are it has excellent sub cooling performance at low dosage rates and it does not precipitate out at 100°C up to 10% brine.

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Inhibex BIO 800

Inhibex BIO 800 is a biodegradable kinetic hydrate inhibitor. It is engineered for high sub cooling performance. It provides excellent sub cooling performance at low dosage rates. It also has potential to lower overall hydrate inhibitor costs.

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