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PERCO is a gas sweetening catalyst used to convert Mercaptan (RSH) sulfur compounds in both liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons to non-corrosive and odorless disulfides. PERCO eliminates Mercaptan sulfur induced corrosivity and improves odor on all stocks. The catalyst an be used to treat methane, ethane, propane, butane, natural gasoline, straight run gasoline, kerosene and mixtures thereof. It offers low pressure-drop, long bed life, simplistic design and operates over a broad range of flow rates and temperatures.

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Propylene carbonate Purified 99.9

Product Name: Propylene carbonate

CAS Number: 108-32-7

Molecular Formula: C4H6O3

Applications: This product is a Colourless transparent liquid, easy to dissolve in water and be mixed with ether, acetone and benzene. It is a high quality polar solvent.This product is used in macro molecule industry, gas separating technology and electro chemistry. It is specially used for absorbing natural gas and carbon dioxide in petrochemical plant and as plasticizer, textile solvent and alkene and aromatic hydrocarbon extracting solvents. 

Apperance: Colourless transparent liquid

Color(APHA): 20  max

Propylene Carbonate: 99.5% min

Propylene Oxide: 0.01% max

Propylene Glycol: 0.02% max

Water: 0.1% max

Specific Gravity : 1.205

Battery and electronic grade

Color(APHA): 20  max

Propylene Carbonate: 99.95% min

Propylene Oxide: 0.01% max

Propylene Glycol: 0.02% max

Water: 200 ppm max

Specific Gravity: 1.205

Propylene Carbonate Application

1.Reactive diluents for urethane and epoxy resins

2.Cleaner and degreasers

3.Chemical intermediates

4.Cosmetics additives

5.Electronic industry (media) as a good dielectric in high energy cells and condensers. 

6. Paint stripper

7.Foundry sand binder, wood binding resins

8.Coal mining, excavation and tunneling

9.Propylene Carbonate can be used as the main material to compound Dimethyl Carbonate, and widely used in the removal of CO2 and H2S from natural gas, petroleum cracking gas, natural gas etc.               

10. Setting agent in chemical grouting to get easily controlled gel time      

11.Battery industry ,textile industry,printing and dyeing industry

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