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Actinodaphine are aporphine alkaloids isolated from Cassytha filiformis.

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Activated Bleaching Earth

Activated Bleaching Earth is widely used as a refining agent for various animal and vegetable fats and oils, fatty acids, lubricating oils and waxes.It is also used for decolorization of animal & vegetable oils,resins,polyethers.

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Acutissimin A

Acutissimin A is a flavono-ellagitannin, a type of tannin formed from the linking of a flavonoid with an ellagitannin. In 2003, scientists at Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie in Pessac, France found that when the oak tannin vescalagin interacts with phenols in wine acutissimin A is created. In separate studies of this polyphenol has been shown to be 250 times more effective than the pharmaceutical drug Etoposide in stopping the growth of cancerous tumors.

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Acyl Monophosphate

Acyl Monophosphate is an organic phosphate ester or anhydride formed by condensation of phosphoric acid with a carboxylic acid.

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Acylcholine is a choline ester formed from choline and a carboxylic acid.

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