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Barium Sulfide

Barium sulfide is considered to be the most important synthetic material of barium, being the precursor to barium carbonate and the pigment lithopone.

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Barium Thiocyanate

Barium Thiocyanate is used in dyeing, photography, in preparation of thiocyanates of other metals and as dispersing agent for cellulose.

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Barium Titanate

Barium Titanate is the inorganic compound. It can be manufactured by heating barium carbonate and titanium dioxide. It is a dielectric ceramic used for capacitors. It is a piezoelectric material for microphones and other transducers. It can be used for continuous-wave four-wave mixing with milliwatt-range optical power, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric and ferroelectric components,embedded decoupling capacitors,ceramic filters.

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