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Casein Peptone

Casein Peptone is a pancreatic digest of casein.It can be used in the productions of toxins, agro-food, cosmetics, vaccines, enzymes, in pharmaceutical fermentation applications and microbiological culture media, especially in blood-containing media.

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Castanospermine is an indolizine alkaloid first isolated from the seeds of Castanospermum australe. It is a potent inhibitor of some glucosidase enzymes and has antiviral activity.

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Casuarictin is an ellagitannin, a type of tannin. It can be found in Casuarina and Stachyurus species. The molecule is formed from tellimagrandin II, itself formed from pentagalloyl glucose via oxidation.

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Catanitto-C is mainly used as a coating chemical.

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