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Cerebroside B

Cerebroside B is a member of the class of compounds known as glycosyl-n-acylsphingosines. It can be found in mushrooms, which makes cerebroside b a potential biomarker for the consumption of this food product.

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Cerium chloride heptahydrate

Cerium chloride heptahydrate is used in the preparation of allylsilanes from esters. It is used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis in place of sodium borohydride. In Luche reaction, carvone gives selectively allylic alcohol.

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Cesium Sulfate

Cesium Sulfate is used to prepare dense aqueous solutions for use in isopycni centrifugation.

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Cetyl Ester Wax

Cetyl Esters Wax is a mixture consisting primarily of esters of saturated fatty alcohols and saturated fatty acids.

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