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Choline Theophyllinate

Choline Theophyllinate is a cough medicine derived from xanthine that acts as a bronchodilator to open up airways in the lung.

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Chromic Acetate

Chromic Acetate is a good dye mordant. It can be used to color wool, cotton, rayon and silk.

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Chromium Formate

Chromium Formate is used in leather tanning, mordant dyeing, and trivalent chromium plating; film and photography industry. It also be used for chemical reagents, olefin polymerization catalyst, oxidation catalyst, for the latex hardened, mining use of drilling slurry.

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Chromium Hexacarbonyl

Chromium Hexacarbonyl is the chemical compound with the formula Cr(CO)6 and it is a homoleptic complex. It is used as a catalyst for olefin polymerization, a gasoline additive, and to prepare chromous oxide.

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