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Diacetin is used as a food additive in the food and beverage industry.It is also applied to the pharmaceutical industry, food emulsifier, cement additive, hardner of foundry resin.Diacetin is widely used as plasticizer.It has been used to design and evaluate gliclazide push-pull osmotic pump (PPOP) coated with aqueous colloidal polymer dispersions.

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Diallyl Maleate

Diallyl Maleate is used in production of polyester resins, adhesives, and ion exchange resins. Diallyl Maleate is an effective agent for the promotion of branching in emulsion polymers.

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Diallyl Phthalate

Diallyl Phthalate is a thermosetting resin with a lot of excellent physical properties such as electrical insulation properties, heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, and molding. It is used in organic solvent free UV printing inks. It is also adopted electric and electronic parts for high durability in tough high temperature and high voltage environments.

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