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Ethylene is a gaseous organic compound. It is the simplest alkene. It is widely used in industry and is also a plant hormone. It acts at trace levels throughout the life of the plant by stimulating or regulating the ripening of fruit, the opening of flowers, and the abscission (or shedding) of leaves. Ethylene is oxidized to produce ethylene oxide, a key raw material in the production of surfactants and detergents by ethoxylation. Ethylene undergoes polymerization to polyethylene, a plastic material having many uses, particularly in packaging films, wire coatings, and squeeze bottles.

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Ethylene Distearate

Ethylene Distearate is used as an opacifier, pearlescing agent and viscosity modifier in cosmetic formulations and household product formulations.

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Ethylene Glycol Dinitrate

Ethylene Glycol Dinitrate is a chemical compound a yellowish, oily explosive liquid.EGDN was used in manufacturing explosives to lower the freezing point of nitroglycerin, in order to produce dynamite for use in colder weather.It also work as a vasodilator.

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