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Gyrophoric Acid

Gyrophoric acid is a depside that can be found in the lichen Cryptothecia rubrocincta and in Xanthoparmelia pokomyi.

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Hafnium Carbide

Hafnium Carbide is a chemical compound of hafnium and carbon. With a melting point of about 3900 °C it is one of the most refractory binary compounds known.Hafnium Carbide is usually carbon deficient and therefore its composition is often expressed as HfCx (x=0.5 to 1.0). It has a cubic (rock-salt) crystal structure at any value of x.Hafnium Carbide powder is obtained by the reduction of hafnium(IV) oxide with carbon at 1800 to 2000 °C. A long processing time is required to remove all oxygen. Alternatively, high-purity HfC coatings can be obtained by chemical vapour deposition from a gas mixture of methane, hydrogen, and vaporised hafnium(IV) chloride. Because of the technical complexity and high cost of the synthesis, HfC has a very limited use, despite its favourable properties such as high hardness (>9 Mohs) and melting point.

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