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TERATHANE PTMEG is a premium polyether glycol and is used as a soft-segment building block in high performance polyurethanes, polyesters, and other polymers. It is available in a wide range of molecular weights and provides outstanding dynamic properties, low temperature flexibility, and hydrolytic stability.

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THRUCARB 40 medium-to-coarse organophilic bridging agent is a ground calcium carbonate used in the FLOTHRU system. The particle size is similar to those found in the SAFE-CARB 40 agent. The THRUCARB 40 agent supplements, but does not replace, other THRUCARB organophilic bridging agents and helps to enhance the overall hydrocarbon production potential through a FLOTHRU system filtercake.The THRUCARB 40 agent is used in place of the SAFE-CARB 40 agent in FLOTHRU systems when a medium-to-coarse bridging particle is required as determined by the OPTIBRIDGE bridging agent selection software in the design process.

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Tabernanthine is an alkaloid found in Tabernanthe iboga.It has been used in laboratory experiments to study how addiction affects the brain. Tabernanthine persistently reduced the self-administration of cocaine and morphine in rats.

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Tabular Alumina T60/T64

Tabular Alumina T60/T64 is the material of choice in unshaped and shaped high performance refractories used in a variety of industries (steel, foundry, cement, glass, petrochemical, ceramic and waste incineration).Tabular Alumina T60/T64 offers a wide range of coarse and fine sized products, providing the global refractory industry the capability to blend these sizes and create a unique particle size distribution for optimizing their refractory performance.

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Tabun is classified as a nerve agent.It is also classified as a weapon of mass destruction.It was the very first nerve agent to be discovered by Dr Gerhar Schrader in 1937.It inhibit the acetylcholinesterase enzyme that allows the neurotransmitter acetylcholine substrate to bind at its active site and form a temporary ES-complex, which normally dissociates into the new product and a free enzyme, and stimulating the muscle to cramp up and tighten.

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