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Vinyl Chloride

Vinyl chloride is the organochloride.It is an important industrial chemical chiefly used to produce the polymer polyvinyl chloride. It is a highly toxic, flammable and carcinogenic.It is used primarily as monomer, for the production of vinyl chloride homopolymer and copolymer resins.

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Vinyl acetate

Vinyl acetate is an organic compound . It is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor, it is the precursor to polyvinyl acetate, an important polymer in industry.Vinyl acetate monomer is a chemical building block used to manufacture a wide variety of polymers including: polyvinyl acetate; polyvinyl alcohol; polyvinyl acetals; ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers, ethylene vinyl alcohol and several others .

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Vinylcyclohexene Dioxide

Vinylcyclohexene dioxide compound is used as a chemical intermediate. It is used as a reactive diluent for other diepoxides and for epoxy resins.

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Vinylphosphonic Acid

Vinylphosphonic Acid is an organo phosphorus compound. It is a colorless, low-melting solid although commercial samples are often yellowish viscous liquids. Vinylphosphonic Acid is used to prepare adhesives. Vinylphosphonic acid can be prepared in several ways but the most common involves addition of PCl3 to acetaldehyde.

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Vinylpyrrolidone-vinylacetate copolymer (PVP/VA64) Technical 95% MIN

  • Chemical description: 

       --Vinylpyrrolidone-vinylacetate copolymer(PVP/VA64)


  • Applications:

       --Binder for tablets, granulates and hard gelatin capsules;

      --Tablet coatings and film-forming agent.


  • Package and Storage:

      --Packeged in 25/50 kg plastic drum, inner lined with PE bags;

     --Store in dry place at room temperature.


Vinyltriacetoxysilane used as crosslinking agent of polymer,as RTV crosslinking agent(acid),coupling agent. It can deal with all kinds of fibers, plastics, inorganic filler.

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