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Potassium Sulfate

Potassium Sulfate a chemical compound is an odorless white crystalline salt with the formula K2SO4. It is produced by the reaction between potassium chloride and sulfuric acid. Major potassium sulfate uses are an ingredient in textile products, cosmetic, personal care, detergents and in pulp and paper processing.

Praseodymium Nitride Industrial Grade 99.5%

Praseodymium nitride is black powder of NaCl type structure (a=0.515nm). It is a kind of rare earth nitride, which can process powder and sputtering target. Prasoeydmium chloride or praseodymium metal is the raw material.

Praseodymium Nitride

Purity: Pr/RE 99.5%

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:25764-09-4 EINECS No.:247-244-6 Molecular Formula:PrN Molecul Weight:154.91


PrN is refractory material, magnetic material, semiconductor material, ceramic material and photoelectric material.

Praseodymium Oxide Industrial Grade 99.9%

Praseodymium oxide includes praseodymium(III) oxide and praseodymium(III,IV) oxide, which are rare earth oxide. Praseodymium(III, IV) is black powder or brown powder. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in acid and form corresponding 3+ salts. Pr6O11 own excellent electrical conductivity.

Praseodymium Oxide

CAS No.:12037-29-5 EINECS No.:234-857-9 Molecular Formula:Pr6O11 Molecular Weight:1021.43
Density:.7.24 Melting Point:204℃ Boiling Point:4118℃  


In glass and metallurgy industry, Praseodymium(III,IV) oxide use as additive of fluorescent powder, raw material for making praseodymium yellow and bright in color of ceramic glaze. It uses as colorant in glass industry that forms into green, which uses to imitate gem. It is raw material for praseodymium metal, Sm-Pr-Co permanent magnet material.

Praseodymium oxide uses as ceramic pigments, glass colorant, refractory ceramics. 96% Pr6O11 specially uses in producing yellow ceramic pigment (Zr-Pr). Adding 2~4% Pr6O11 in glass can show bright green. Due to electrical conductivity, it fits for preparing heat elements of oven. High pure Pr6O11 acts as luminescent materials, crystal material, fiber dopant, electronic ceramics and so on.


REOFLUX is an organic and inorganic polyelectrolite. It is a liquid tailor-made deflocculant for ceramic slips.

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REOTAN D50 is a liquid deflocculant and dispersant for ceramic slips. It can be also used as extender for sodium silicate and sodium carbonate.

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Red Lead Oxide

Red lead oxide is most often used as a pigment for primer paints for iron objects. Due to its toxicity, its use is being limited. In the past, it was used in combination with linseed oil as a thick, long-lasting anti-corrosive paint. The combination of minium and linen fibres was also used for plumbing, now replaced with PTFE tape. Currently it is mostly used for manufacture of glass, especially lead glass. It finds limited use in some amateur pyrotechnics as a relatively potent oxidizer.

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Rubidium Carbonate

Rubidium carbonate is a convenient compound of rubidium. It can be prepared by adding ammonium carbonate to rubidium hydroxide. It is used in some kinds of glass-making by enhancing stability and durability as well as reducing its conductivity. It is also used as a part of a catalyst for preparing short-chain alcohols from feed gas.

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SOSPENSIL SM is a liquid anti-settling agent for glaze and body slips. It prevents the formation of hard cake due to heavy sedimentation of the solids.

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SOSPENSIL WO is a blend of natural and synthetic polymers in water suspension. It is used as antisettling agent for glazes and body slips.

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