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Lubrizol 4305FG

Lubrizol 4305FG is a mixture of high molecular weight oil soluble polymers designed to provide effective tackiness to food grade greases formulated from white oils. Lubrizol 4305FG is NSF HX-1 registered.

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Lubrizol 4306FG

Lubrizol 4306FG is a food grade tackifier designed to provide tackiness or stringiness to vegetable oil based greases. Lubrizol 4306FG is NSF HX-1 registered.

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Lubrizol 5370C

Lubrizol 5370C bridges the gap between lithium complex and lithium simple soap greases by increasing the 12-hydroxystearic acid-based soap’s heat resistance to the level of a complex grease. Lubrizol 5370C’s effectiveness in improving heat resistance has been demonstrated in traditional ASTM dropping point tests as well as high temperature rheology studies.

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Lubrizol 5907A

Lubrizol 5907A is a tackifier agent used to formulate greases with superior adhesion and anti-drip characteristics.

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