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Barium Chloride

Barium dichloride is a white solid, odorless, hygroscopic chemical substance. Barium dichloride is used in the manufacture of pigments, in the manufacture of other barium salts and in fireworks to give a bright green color. It is one of the most common watersoluble salts of barium. Like other barium salts, it is toxic and imparts a yellow-green coloration to a flame. Barium chloride has wide application in the laboratory.

Black Magic RBM5 Developer Hardener

Black Magic RBM5 Developer Hardener offers a complete modular system with interchangeable components in Graded (G3) or VC (G0-4) options. It's so simple too because customers get everything they need in one 300ml kit including emulsion, gelatine for hardening, (light-tight) wide-mouth pouring bottle, and enough tailored chemicals to develop their images to perfection. For example it not only provides neutral developer, fixer and odourless stop but the all-important developer hardener to make sure customers image lasts.

Properties Suppliers
Glutarardialdehyde bis (Sodium bisulfite) Technical min. 95 % dried basis

Glutardialdehyld bis (Sodium bisufite)

Formula: C5H10O8S2.2Na


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