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4-Dodecanolide is a heterocyclic compound, can be widely used in the essence for the industrial products.

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G-Caprolactone is component of flower aromas and an insect pheromone.


Gamma-Decalactone is an aroma compound present naturally in many fruits and fermented products. It is particularly important in the formulation of peach, apricot, and strawberry flavors.It can be used as flavors for the beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and household goods. It also can be used as a food additive which is a silly substance added to food to preserve flavour or improve its taste and appearance.

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Strychnine Hydrochloride

Strychnine Hydrochloride is a competitive glycine receptor antagonist.

Phenoxazine Technical >98%





Synonyms:Phenoxazine 97%;Phenoxazine >=99%, purified by sublimation;10H-Phenoxazine (9CI);1H-Phenoxazine;10H-Phenoxazine;5,6-Dibenzo-1,4-oxazine;2,3,5,6-DIBENZO-1,4-OXAZINE;RARECHEM FH 2C 0S92


Melting point:156-159 °C(lit.)

RTECS SP7450000

solubility benzene: freely soluble(lit.)

form Fine Crystalline Powder

color Gray to green-gray

Water Solubility Soluble in methanol. Insoluble in water.

Merck 14,7253

BRN 143234

Zhengzhou HQ Material Co., Ltd is committed to supplying customers with high-quality Phenoxazine for production of dyes Nile blue and Nile red dyes. This phenoxazine offered by Zhengzhou HQ Material Co., Ltd consists of an oxazine fused to two benzene rings. We are among the leading phenoxazine supplier in China, you can buy our products online at very reasonable prices.


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