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PINE GEL is an excellent general purpose cleaner and sanitizer in gel form. A pleasant pine fragrance is imparted when used. It is a very versatile product, in that it may be used to clean tiles, floors, walls, carpets, grouting, basins, toilet bowls, sinks, etc.

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SparCreme liquid creme cleanser is a mild abrasive formulation designed to remove soap scum, stains and soil without dulling or scratching. It contains a mild abrasive which attacks stubborn spots, soap film, stains, grease, rubber marks and other soil build-ups. It helps maintains the satiny smooth surface of brushed stainless steel and restores high gloss surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic tile, chrome and fiberglass. Its new lime fragrance with a hint of orange provides lasting deodorization of cleaned surfaces and surrounding area.

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HANDYBRITE is an ammoniated general purpose cleaning cream. It is used to clean household appliances, tiles, basins, sinks, kitchen surfaces and showers. It contains ammonia, and should not be inhaled. It is formulated to be scratch free so that valuable surfaces will not be damaged. It is a viscous liquid and is very economical.

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MAXINEUTRAL is a heavy duty neutral detergent / deodorizer. It is safe to use on most surfaces including sealed floors and marble. It also leaves a lasting fragrance.

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Peroxy II fbc

Peroxy II fbc is a antibacterial cleaning power which kills 99.9% of household bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter aerogenes in 2 minutes. It cuts through grease and oils, and whitens and brightens hard surfaces. This foaming bath and surface cleaner effectively removes soap scum, hard water film, and cuts through greasy soils on contact. The product is clear with a clean crisp caribbean fragrance.

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Liquid Laundry

Liquid Laundry has been especially formulated for both industrial and household use. The formula will remove dirt and most stains in the wash. This is a low foam formula that is suitable for top loading and front loading washing machines, as well as hand washing. It is suitable as an economical everyday detergent.

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Multi purpose cleaner

  • Suitable for cleaning food processing equipments.
  • Concentrated, hence less consumption and cost saving.
  • Very effectively cleans all forms of oils, greases, dirt and deposits
  • Non–corrosive and solvent free–safer to use.
  • Effectively cleans floors, walls, counter tops, doors, ceilings, glass, metals and general equipments.
  • Eco friendly.      

floor clenaer Technical 99

concentrate - it is a concentrate of white phenyle/white floor clener for office ,factory .school any one can use it .it takes less space to be kept any where .good fresh smell of pine.just add 20 ltr of more water to make it dilute .do not drink keep away from eyes. and less use it .. 

Disinfectant Floor cleaner

  • Removes dirt, grease and oil from floor effectively.
  • Provides disinfection for longer duration.
  • Kills microbes actively and effectively.
  • Leaves no residue after cleaning.
  • It does not interact with tile adhesives.
  • Bio degradable.


Depending on purity, benzalkonium chloride ranges from colourless to a pale yellow. Benzalkonium chloride is readily soluble in ethanol and acetone. Although dissolution in water is slow, aqueous solutions are easier to handle and are preferred. Aqueous solutions should be neutral to slightly alkaline. Solutions foam when shaken. Concentrated solutions have a bitter taste and a faint almond-like odour.
Standard concentrates are manufactured as 50% and 80% w/w solutions, and sold under trade names such as BC50, BC80, BAC50, BAC80, etc. The 50% solution is purely aqueous, while more concentrated solutions require incorporation of rheology modifiers (alcohols, polyethylene glycols, etc.) to prevent increases in viscosity or gel formation under low temperature conditions.
In cosmetics and personal care products, Benzalkonium Chloride is used in the formulation of shampoos, personal cleanliness products, skin cleansers, and skin care and eye makeup preparations.
Benzalkonium Chloride is used to prevent or inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in finished products. It also functions as a foam booster and as a detergent, where it helps water to mix with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed away.
Benzalkonium Chloride exhibits excellent anti bacterial activity and finds use in Sugar, Leather, Paper and Pulp Industries and its antimicrobial activity finds use in Cooling Water Towers, Swimming Pools, Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals and Prawn Culture. Topical Anti-infective widely used in Hygiene and Health Care Products.
Provides Antiseptic & Antistatic finish to textile (Bio Wash)
Also finds use in Pharma Industries for Eye Drops, Dental Solutions and Ointments
Cationic surfactant
Benzalkonium chloride also possesses surfactant properties, dissolving the lipid phase of the tear film and increasing drug penetration, making it a useful.
·  Laundry detergents and treatments
·  Softeners for textiles


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