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Nonene is a branched Olefin produced by the polymerization of propylen. Nonene is also refered to as Propylene trimer. It is used to produced Nonylphenol, isodecylalcohol, Neodecanoic acid and Branched mercpatans.

Major end uses applications include plasticizers, surfactants, lubricating oils additives and polymerization modifiers

Nonene Technical

Nonene is a branched olefin produced by the polymerization of propylene. Nonene is also referred to as propylene trimer. Nonene is used to produce nonylphenol,isodecyl alcohol, neodecanoic acid, alkylated phenylamines and branched mercaptans. Major applications include plasticiziers, surfactant, lubricating oil additives and polymerization modifiers.


2,3-Dimethylhexane is a structural isomer of octane.

mega 11 Technical

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Propylene tetramer

Propylene tetramer is a branched olefin produced by the polymerization of propylene. Propylene tetramer is also refered to as Tetramer. It is prefered name for branched C12 Olefin. Propylene tetramer is used to produce T-dodecyl mercaptan, dodecylbenzene, Dodecylphenol and Tridecyl alcohol.

Major end uses applications include plasticizer, surfactants, lubricating oils additives, Solvents and Polymerization modifiers.


2,2,3-Trimethylbutane is an organic chemical compoundIt is therefore an alkane, specifically the most compact and heavily branched of the heptane isomers, the only one with a butane (C4) backbone. It is commonly used as an anti-knock additive in aviation fuels.


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