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Solfre1 is a one component polyurethane adhesive suitable for a range of industrial applications. It has the following benefits such as moisture cure, variety of working times, it is a cold press adhesive and further no specialist storage requirements required. It can be applied manually or automatically by rolling, beading or spraying.

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Solfre2 is a two component polyurethane adhesive that offers a unique alternative to epoxies, one part polyurethanes, solvented adhesives and hot melts. There is no moisture requirement for curing, therefore cure times are not affected by humidity or moisture. It can significantly reduce costs throughout the production process.

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K-FLEX 188

K-FLEX 188 is a highly reactive, aliphatic polyester polyol which is recommended for aminoplast or isocyanate crosslinked coatings, inks, sealants, elastomers and adhesives. Its uniform, narrow molecular weight distribution and unique chemical structure provide exceptional and consistent performance and broad compatibility. Its primary hydroxyl groups also provide reactivity with epoxies in cationic thermal cure systems.

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NACURE 155 is a low pressure laminating adhesive. It is a hydrophobic sulfonic acid catalyst based on dinonylnaphthalene disulfonic acid supplied as a 55% concentrate in isobutanol. Its primary use is as a catalyst for promoting the cure of hydroxy, carboxy and amide functional polymers with melamine and urea-formaldehyde crosslinking agents.

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K-FLEX A308 is a low viscosity, 100% active, linear, saturated, aliphatic polyester diol with primary hydroxyl groups. The product is designed as a flexibility modifier for acrylic/isocyanate and acrylic/melamine systems. The low viscosity combined with higher hydroxyl number gives good hardness and adhesion while allowing lower VOC levels.

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NACURE 3525 is a low pressure laminating adhesive. It is an amine neutralized Dinonylnaphthalenedisulfonic acid (DNNDSA) catalyst that utilizes a slower releasing amine for higher bake temperatures. It is formulated for increased solubility, especially in high solids polyester and alkyd formulations.

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Sababond 7009

Sababond 7009 is used as a spray adhesive in the foam-processing industry. This adhesive was especially developed for bonding foam substrates, for in furniture, as well as for hems in textile and making textile non-slip. This product can be used for bonding foam to foam, and foam to wood and various flexible upholstery materials.

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Sabacontact AAC

Sabacontact AAC is a brushable contact adhesive for bonding different materials themselves. It is particularly suitable for bonding flexible coating materials themselves and on rigid substrates and is ideal for bonding of flexible and rigid materials such as leather upholstery, foam, textile, steel etc.

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Sabacontact Tix

Sabacontact Tix are brushable adhesives based on synthetic and natural materials, such as SBS, CR and PU and contain organic solvent. Characteristic for these adhesives are the ease of use, universal availability and strong, lasting connections. It is mainly used for bonding within the residential and commercial projects and for applications within the insulation industry. This product is suitable for bonding flexible and rigid materials such as leather upholstery, foam, textile, steel etc.

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