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DESOLVE is a powerful all purpose solvent degreaser formulated to quickly strip even the most stubborn greases & oils. It is suitable for car, truck, motor cycle and all other engine types and also suitable for mower engines, marine and rural applications.

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MEGA FORCE is a flush action aerosol biodegradable solvent that quickly cuts through grease, oil, tar and many other soils. It eliminates harsh solvent vapors.


COATING 1537 is a rubberized base stock intended for aerosol packaged automotive undercoatings. It can be painted over with conventional automotive paints, and also be applied from small container siphon equipment and from airless spray pumping systems.

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COATING 1838 is a fast dry, rubberized aerosol coating. Formulated to provide a tough, flexible film and does not contain asbestos.

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Silver Zinc Guard

Silver Zinc Guard is a fast drying, high solids, and high performance epoxy zinc rich coating designed to protect steel against corrosion and at the same time impart a silver appearance to the overall finish. Silver Zinc Guard is ideal to touch up and hide welded joints on metal structures and is suitable on all types of ferrous substrates.

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RP-90 Rapid Penetrating Oil

RP-90 Rapid Penetrating Oil spray is fast acting penetrating and release fluid. It is 30% less dense than water which results in excellent penetrating power and releasing capability. It is formulated to be effective on wet rusty metals. It is is silicone-free spray which penetrates and lubricates to extend equipment life, acts as a moisture displacer and corrosion inhibitor.

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Duzzit 800 Clear Acrylic Lacquer

Duzzit 800 Clear Acrylic Lacquer is formulated with non-yellowing synthetic resins that provide superior gloss retention over painted and non-painted surfaces. It can be used to coat electrical components. It forms a tough, flexible, clear film that preserves and protects. It is formulated to cover and seal with lustrous, smooth finish. It is an excellent weather proofer that provides long-lasting protection against wear, handling and oxidation. It will not cause discoloration, tarnishing, bleaching and fading from sunlight. It resists salts, alkalies, weak acids, heat or cold. Its applications include decoration, marking & corrosion protection of industrial products & equipment, automobiles & accessories and construction equipment.

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SP-90 Dry Film Silicone Lubricant

SP-90 Dry Film Silicone Lubricant is a superior silicone dry lubricant formulated to provide extra performance and maximum silicone release. It provides a quick drying time and is clean and easy-to-use and provides protection against corrosion. It is an advanced silicone formulation that stops squeaks and decreases friction. It is ideal for use as a mould release or dry lubricant on any steel, plastic, glass, rubber, vinyl and wooden surfaces.

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ZG-90 Cold Zinc Galvanising Paint

ZG-90 Cold Zinc Galvanising Paint is intended as a repair coating for newly galvanized metal that requires repair or recoating to match the original finish. The coating can be applied to bare metal, welded metal or slightly corroded metal. This superior product is incredibly fast drying thus improving job times and finish. Several light coats are advised and give better performance than one heavy coat. It is matched to the colour of new galvanized surfaces making the product ideal for fences, security railings, roller shutter doors, gutters and duct work. It is ideal for steel structures, off shore rigs, bridges, and automotive panels. This product contains zinc, aluminium fillers, solvents and surfactants. It can be used as an undercoat or a topcoat. Drying time is 3 minutes for touch dry and 20 hours for hard dry.

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Duzzit 63 Non-live Contact Cleaner

Duzzit 63 Non-live Contact Cleaner is chemically stable, nonconductive and non-corrosive. It evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. It is ideal for limiting downtime on delicate electrical parts. It lowers electrical resistance at contact points and reduces the potential for current leakage and grounding. It is recommended for the effective removal of dirt, dust, light oils, and fingerprints from sensitive electronic, electrical equipments & electromechanical assemblies.

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