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Grodal RPSB 101

Grodal RPSB 101 is a dewatering, wax like thin film forming on components. Grodal RPSB 101 is based on solvents and special waxes and used as rust preventive agent.

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Grodal RPSB 102

Grodal RPSB 102 provide protection by displacing water and good resistance to salt water. Grodal RPSB 102 is based on solvents and special waxes.

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Grodal RPSB 102 M

Grodal RPSB 102 M is an industrial lubricant, displaces water and gives protective waxy, shiny film on component.

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Lube Esters & Glycerol Esters

Mono esters, Di esters, Glycerol Esters, Polyol Esters, Trimellitate Esters.

SpectraSyn Hi Vis PAO

SpectraSyn Hi Vis PAO features low-temperature properties, low volatility and improved thermal stability. Their high viscosity indices translate into improved flow at low temperatures and increased film thickness at high temperatures. In addition to being shear stable and hydrolytically stable, they have good compatibility with mineral oils. SpectraSyn Hi Vis PAO are particularly well suited for industrial oils requiring high stability under extreme operating conditions. They are frequently used with lower-viscosity fluids (PAO, mineral oils) as a viscosity booster to achieve a wide range of ISO VG industrial and automotive gear oils.

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Synesstic AN

Synesstic AN are well suited for lubricants in a variety of automotive and industrial applications. Lubricants formulated with Synesstic AN can be more stable and higher performing.Synesstic AN is particularly suited for use as a base stock in synthetic lubricant applications that require high stability under extreme operating conditions.

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octane-1-sulfonic acid 3-benzyl-2,5-dioxo-pyrrolidin-1-yl ester Technical

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