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POTASSIUM CHLORIDE Industrial Grade 98%

1. Potassium Chloride is used for manufacture of Potassium hydroxide and Potassium metal. 

2.It is also used in Medicine, lethal injections, scientific applications, food processing soaps, and as a sodium - freesubstitute for table salt.

Moya Oils

moya oils RXSOL MOYA OIL is effective and economical emulsifier. Safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted and coated surfaces and also used as a multipurpose degreaser in extremely hard cleaning conditions. Degreaser Moya oil Specification: Colour Redish Yellow appearance homogeneous clear. Odour- Citrus PH value- 8.50 - 9.50, Viscosity- Ford cup B-4-12 seconds at 22 Deg.c Specific Gravity - 1.042-055. Non flammable, Non Toxic, Non Caustic, Non Explosive and causes no pollution. Packing Size: 25.00 Ltr. Application: RXSOL-20-2023 is applied by Spraying , Brushing, Soaking, Dipping , Rubbing, or Mopping Spraying is used for cold cleaning interiors of oil storage tanks or where surfaces to becleaning interior or oil storage tanks or where surfaces to be cleaned are irregular. After spraying RXSOL-20-2023 should be allowed to remain for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing. If dry surfaces is not required it is necessary to rinse with water .Brushing and mopping is used with RXSOL-20-2023 for removing oil from decks piers and other large areas . Dipping & soaking in unheated RXSOL-20-2023 is the most economical way of cleaning small or large parts.Rubbing with a soft cloth or sponge soaked with RXSOL-20-2023 is an easy and quick method of cleaning larger parts and painted surface. Steam cleaning can be speeded up by spraying RXSOL-20-2023 a few minutes prior to steam lancing. Dose: Ready to use for tank cleaning or general decreasing. Features Colour Redish Yellow appearance homogeneous clear Odour- Citrus PH value- 8.50 - 9.50, Viscosity- Ford cup B-4-12 seconds at 22 Deg.c pecific Gravity - 1.042-055. Non flammable Non Toxic Non Caustic Non Explosive and causes no pollution


NASCO 120 is used as an effective scale and corrosion inhibitor for once through water system.

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NASCO 130 is an grease trap and pipe cleaner odor control for aerated, septic tank treated lagoon, septic tank treated.It is also in biological treatment for wastewater.

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NASCO 208 is used to control scale and alkalinity in cooling water.It is recommended to use when the cooling water is became highly alkaline.

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Hydrex 5203

Hydrex 5203 is based on sulphamic acid and is used at up to 60°C for the removal of hardness deposits.It is in the form of a powder and is dissolved in water before application.It may be used to de-scale heat exchangers, equipment manufactured in steel, copper and stainless steel.Hydrex 5203 is particularly safe to handle and in non-flammable.

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Hydrex 5204

Hydrex 5204 is based on hydrochloric acid and is used for the removal or hardness deposits.It may be used to descale equipment manufactured in steel, cast iron and copper.

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Hydrex 5402

Hydrex 5402 is a liquid alkalinity builder based on sodium hydroxide and is especially formulated for use in boiler plant where the feedwater contains insufficient alkalinity.It may be safely used in treatment programs incorporating catalysed sodium sulphite oxygen scavenger.

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NASCO CL 206 is used to removes a dulling oxide layer on aluminum surface and as heavy duty cleaning for tough coil problems.It is also used to air conditioners.

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NASCO CL 209 is an crystalline acid cleaner used to remove silica scale deposits from boilers and heat exchangers.

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