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1,3,5-Trihydroxybenzene is a benzenetriol. It is an organic compound that is used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals. It is a useful intermediate because it is polyfunctional. It is mainly used as a coupling agent in printing. It links diazo dyes to give a fast black. It is also used as a treatment for gastrointestinal disorders.

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1,3- di iodo-5,5-dimethylhydantion

• Preparation of nitriles from corresponding alcohols and amines via oxidative conversion1
• Chemoselective, stereospecific iododesilylation of silylated alkenes2
• Preparation of N-benzyl toluenesulfonamides via sulfonylamidation of alkylbenzenes with toluenesulfonamide in presence of diiododimethylhydantoin3
• Iodination reactions4

1,3-Acetonedicarboxylic Acid

1,3-Acetonedicarboxylic Acid is an intermediate used in synthesis of organic chemicals.

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1,3-Benzodioxole is an aromatic ring. It is used as intermediates in organic synthesis.

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