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3-(3-amino-3-oxopropyl)-2-[[1-methyl-2-(p-tolyl)-1H-indol-3-yl]azo]benzothiazolium chloride Industrial Grade

Alfa Chemistry offers an extensive catalog of building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, and research chemicals in a wide range of applications. We supply 3-(3-amino-3-oxopropyl)-2-[[1-methyl-2-(p-tolyl)-1H-indol-3-yl]azo]benzothiazolium chloride (CAS:12221-63-5). More information please visit the website:


3-Amino-2-chlor-6-methylphenol is used in the formulation of semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes, colors, and tints.

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3-Aminophenol is used as hair dye intermediate. It is also used as intermediate of pharmaceutical.

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3-Aminophenol Hemisulfate

3-Aminophenol hemisulfate is used as hair dye intermediate. It is also used in semi-permanent & permanent hair colors for cosmetic.

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3-Bromothiophene is used as a solvent and chemical intermediate. Its derivatives are used in manufacturing dyes, aroma compounds and pharmaceuticals.

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The 3-Chloro-p-toluidine is used in the manufacture of organic pigment intermediates, organic synthesis intermediates, herbicides and pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.

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3-Chloroaniline is used as an intermediate in the production of a number of products, including agricultural chemicals, azo dyes and pigments, bactericide or biocide and pharmaceuticals.

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3-Diethylaminophenol is mainly used to make rhodamine B extra, heat sensitive and pressure sensitive dyes, cationic and disperse dyes.

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3-Methyl-1-(4-sulfophenyl)-2-pyrazolin-5-one is used as intermediate in dyes and pigments.

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3-Nitro-7-Azaindole is a important organic intermediate. It can be used in agrochemical, pharmaceutical and dyes industry.

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