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Phosphorus Pentachloride

Phosphorus Pentachloride is one of the most important phosphorus chlorides, others being PCl3 and POCl3.It finds use as a chlorinating reagent.Phosphorus Pentachloride is prepared by the chlorination of PCl3.

251 Yellow

251 Yellow is a bright yellow powder produced by high temperature calcination. This pigment is chemically inert, has good UV stability, hiding power and heat resistance. Typical applications are industrial baking and air-dry coatings, powder coatings, printing inks and dispersions. It can also be used in markets for the coloration of concrete and other applications where equivalent chemistry is needed. Additional uses can be found in various plastics applications.

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Milori Blue

Milori Blue is a dark blue powder pigment. It is insoluble in water, ethanol and ether, but soluble in alkali. Its silt is relatively hard, and it have good light resistance, no bleeding and it cannot be used in water-based.

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fumed silica

Characteristics It is a white and colloidal micro-particle with its primary micro-particle from 5-40nm and has obvious properties such as thixotropy, reinforcing, thickening and filling etc. and is insoluble in all kinds of solvents and liquids except hydrofluoric acid and concentrated bases. Control the liquid system, Adhesive, Polymer?s rheology and thixotropy. As additive agent used to prevent subside,thickening and prevent sagging. Reinforce HRC high temperature sulfuration silicon rubber and RTV-2K room temperature sulfuration silicon rubber. Application F-150: It is mainly used for acidic silicone rubber, RTV silicone rubber (low moisture content) and neutral silicone rubber F-200: It is mainly used for high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, organic silicone defoamer, advance printing ink, powder coating, PVC resin, unsaturated polyester resin thickening, thixotropic agent, pharmaceutical powder, tabular preparation, cosmetics etc. F-380: It is mainly used for silicone rubber, silicone grease and sealing materials of capacitance packaging with high transparency and high tear resistance.

Bon acid 98.5%

Product name: Bon Acid Physical and Chemical Properties: Light yellow powder. Melting range 217-223. Easily soluble in alcohol, ether. Soluble in benzene, alkali solution. Slightly soluble in water. Specifications: Appearance: Light yellow powder. Purity: 98.5% 1, 2 acid: 0.5% Beta-Naphthol: 0.5% Water%: 0.3 Ash%: 0.5 Initial melting Point: 217 Insolubles in NaOH: 0.2% Uses: The product is applied in producing colour Naphthol as and other kinds intermediates of colour naphthol. Moreover, it is intermediates of medicine and organic pigment. Storage: Stored at the place where is cool, dry and ventilating

Acriflow UL-230

Acriflow UL-230 is the sodium salt of polyacrylic acid of low molecular weight. It is used as a dispersant and suspending agent in industrial processes and applications.

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Pigment Red 104

Pigment Red 104 is an inorganic pigment composed by lead molybdate, lead chromate and lead sulfate which has bright colour shade, high hiding power and tinting strength, excellent water, wax, solvent resistance and good acid, alkali fastness. The colour range is from orange to red. It can be used for coating, paint, plastic, ink etc.

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5021 Milori Blue

5021 Milori Blue is an iron blue pigment with a deep, pure blue shade and good opacity for solvent ink and coatings applications. It is recommended for use in nitrocellulose and polyamide inks, for the toning of carbon black in heatset and offset inks and can be mixed with phthalo blue pigments for multi color printing. Other areas of use include air dry and baking alkyds.

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Pigment Black 11

Pigment Black 11 is a pigment used in paints, coatings, concrete products, plastic, rubber etc.

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Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Blue consisting of sodium aluminosilicate with three sulphur atoms in a form of sulfide or sulfate. It is prepared by heating kaolin, sodium carbonate, sulfur and other inexpensive modifier ingredients. It is used as a colorant and optical whitening agent for plastics, rubber, inks, paints, cosmetics, detergents, cement, textile and paper.

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