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Luron Top

Luron Top is a tough top coat that responds well to embossing. It is especially appropriate for use in finishes applied to aniline leather.

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Venolac - WS

Venolac - WS is a solvent based nitrocellulose lacquer, dilutable with either water or any suitable NC thinner. It is used for finishing of leather.

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Zsivilac ECS

Zsivilac ECS is a high shine lacquer dilutable with water and solvent.

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KNOX LAC U156 is a concentrated nitro cellulose lacquer with special feel modifiers. It is an aqueous and solvent dilutable nitro lacquer of medium viscosity. It gives high gloss, good fullness, a soft handle and excellent fastness properties to the leather surface.KNOX LAC U156 can also be applied as a top or an intermediate lacquer on upper leathers of all types.


KNOX LAC WS152 is a milky lacquer emulsion. It gives the leather a pleasant feel, medium gloss, with good uniformity and smooth surface appearance.KNOX LAC WS152 may be diluted to any extent with water and water - miscible solvents. It is also used for top coating.KNOX LAC WS152 can be used as an additional binder in polymer finishes.

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RATNOLAC - BP is a solvent based Nitrocellulose lacquer, dilutable with either water or any suitable NC thinner. It is used for finishing of leather. It gives a silky and smooth high gloss to the leather surface, combined with a soft handle.

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Venolac - LMF

Venolac - LMF is a versatile nitrocellulose lacquer emulsion, giving optimum properties of gloss, rub fastness, flexural endurance, and feel to the leather when used for finishing in leather industry.It is used as the top glossy and protective coat on resin finished leathers. It reduces tack and allows high temperature ironing (up to 100°C) of finished leathers.

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Zsivilac SM964

Zsivilac SM964 is a medium shine lacquer with silky, buttery feel.

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