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SEBsoak is a unique enzyme blend to remove dirt, blood and most of the salt used in curing of hides/skins. It softens and swells the fibers to help restore the hide to a desirable state.


SEBdefat quickly penetrates into the leather and makes it soft with a smooth grain. It also removes the lime from the pelt making it pliable and supple.


SEBdefold is a unique product for wet blue application for soak back and removing the folding marks appearing in finishing operation.


VICO ACEN is a strong acid bating enzyme designed for leather processing.

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VICO ALEN is a strong alkali enzyme bate designed for leather processing.

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Batezyme AC

Batezyme AC is a fungal Aspergillus acid protease leather bating enzymes to be used in leather beam house processes for bating of hides and skins already pickled or tanned by either chrome or vegetable synthetic method. Batezyme AC also has application in tanneries processing long stored, picked wet blue or vegetable synthetic crust stock requiring further bating treatment as well as bating of partially chrome tanned leather for manufacturing good quality garment leather.


DEBAZYM KLB contains enzymatic soaking auxiliary in powder form with exceptional re-hydrating effect based on especially selected synthetic microbial proteases. Debazym KLB is completely compatible with other soaking and liming auxiliaries.

SEBate Acid

SEBate Acid is a versatile acidic bate that is particularly effective on previously pickled or tanned leather to produce smoothness and pliability, especially prior to dyeing.


Degreasezyme is lipase enzymes specially designed for degreasing of skin and hides in leather beamhouse processes.It high performance degreasing, giving uniform colour, and improved dye uptake as well as increase tear and tensile strength of finished leather.


Metesoakzyme is a leather soaking enzyme to be used in leather beam-house processes. Metesoakzyme is specially designed for soaking if skins and hides. It specifically removes the intrafibrillary protein materials that cement fibers to allow maximum re-hydration. It also removes connective tissue proteins, thus, loosening flesh and adipose tissue stuck to hides. The protease enzyme present in Metesoakzyme, removes unwanted protein material like albumin and mucin, without damaging the collagen; whereas the lipase enzyme disperses fatty substances and oils, enhancing re-hydration and removal of adipose tissue. Metesoakzyme is a ready-to-use formulation of enzyme and other ingredients for high-performance soaking, giving smooth grain, flat growth marks and assist in easy removal of hair and scud in the subsequent processes like dehairing, liming, bating and chrome tanning. Metesoakzyme reduces chemical consumption and water effluent problems. Wetting agents and detergents can be avoided while using with Metesoakzyme.


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