Levelling Agents neutralize electrostatic attraction between textile dyes



ADDITOL leveling agent gives smoother films with fewer imperfections and better appearance compared to unmodified coatings. It acts as a necessary ingredient in many modern surface coating formulations. It improve flow and leveling, eliminate craters and fisheyes, reduce orange peel and pinholes, enhance substrate wetting, facilitate air and volatile release, aid in pigment dispersion, maintain substrate and recoat adhesion, improve slip, and therefore, mar resistance. ADDITOL products are silicone based for particularly difficult substrate wetting problems.


ARDITEX is a partially self-smoothing latex smoothing compound with excellent properties of adhesion, flexibility and water resistance.ARDITEX is used to level uneven internal sub-floors to provide a smooth surface prior to the application of floorcoverings. ARDITEX can be applied on all common sub-floors such as concrete and cement/sand screeds, flooring grade asphalt, wood,quarry tiles, internal steel decks.

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HIM - PDL is a low foaming levelling agent for high temperature dyeing of polyester. It increases the solubility of disperse dyes and ensure a better distribution of the dyes during the heating phase. It can also be used as stripping agent when used in high concentration. It is a pale yellow flowable liquid.

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Krisil VL

Krisil VL is a novel leveling agent for the dyeing of reactive dyes on cellulose, with multiple properties.

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Lumipon C

Lumipon C is a low foaming dispersing, levelling, wetting agent with 7 fold performance during dyeing.

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ARDEX A 55 is an advanced sub-floor smoothing and patching compound with rapid hardening and rapid drying properties and is specifically designed for areas where speed is essential for rapid renovation and repair work prior to receiving floor finishes.It is used in conjunction with either ARDEX P 82 or ARDEX P 51 primers for specific sub-floors.ARDEX A 55 can be applied to existing hard bases e.g. terrazzo, screeds, concrete, ceramictiles, primed anhydrite screeds.ARDEX A 55 is especially useful where the installation time of floor finishes must be kept to a minimum.

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ARDEX K 11 is a free flowing application levelling and smoothing compound designed for levelling and smoothing a wide range of subfloor types including cements and screeds, gypsum screeds and concrete. ARDEX K11contains high quality synthetic resins.ARDEX K 11 can be applied by pump up to a thickness of 10mm.ARDEX K 11 contains a reducing agent to control the level of Chromium VI.

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ARDEX K 13 is specially designed to produce a smooth, flat surface when applied to hard, rigid sub-floors such as cement and sands creeds, concrete. ARDEX K 13 contains high quality synthetic resins. ARDEX K 13 can be applied from a feather edge up to a maximum of 5mm in a single application. ARDEX K 13 contains a reducing agent to control the level of Chromium VI when mixed prior to use.

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ARDITEX RS is a cost effective, partially self-smoothing latex screed with excellent properties of adhesion and water resistance.It is designed for use on rigid and absorbent sub-floors such as concrete, cement and sand screeds, etc. ARDITEX RS can be laid from a feather edge up to 6mm and to greater thicknesses by incorporating ARDEX Coarse Aggregate.ARDITEX RS powder contains a reducing agent to control the level of Chromium VI when mixed prior to use.

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Finosil AB

Finosil AB is an levelling agent for Dyeing of polyester and their blends with disperse dyes.

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