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Rust Inhibitor 1438

Rust Inhibitor 1438 is a fast drying liquid rust inhibitor commonly used after cleaning, pickling, plating or phosphating. It does not contain nitrites. It is used at 1-5% by volume and heated to 140-160°F to help facilitate drying. It leaves a non-measurable film that does not affect the original brightness or luster of the part.

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SANOX-E is used as auxiliary material in the production of machined metal parts that are going to be stored for extended periods of time and becomes a true anti-corrosive treatment for them. Sanox-E protects ferrous metal surfaces against rust and corrosion caused by moisture and vapors present in the environment.

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SOAK TANK PLUS is a free flowing, non-volatile alkaline powder specially formulated to remove carbon, sludge, varnish and rust from ferrous metals in a soak tank application. This product is non-fuming in dry or solution form. SOAK PLUS TANK is effective at ambient temperatures and is even more effective when heated and/or agitated, and is excellent for cleaning engine parts, paint stripping from metal surfaces, and for de-rusting ferrous metal. SOAK TANK PLUS has additional added rust inhibitors to help prevent flash rust on ferrous metals surfaces after parts have been removed from the vat and rinsed with clean water.

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SPEC CUT 40 is a soluble oil concentrate specially designed to be a general purpose, multi-functional fluid for most ferrous and non ferrous materials and operations as diverse as cylindrical grinding, ID broaching and gear hobbing. SPEC CUT 40 provides extended sump life while reducing carry off and leaves a fluid oily residue to prevent sticky ways and chunks. It is effective in some types of screw machines as a replacement for straight cutting oil and has EP additives to reduce chip welding and mechanical lubricity for good performance on soft gummy materials.

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SPEC LUBE 1510 is a concentrated, biodegradable, moderate pH water soluble rolling, drawing, cutting and cooling fluid that provides strong EP properties, rust protection and low surface tension to metal working fluids. SPEC LUBE 1510 provides excellent performance as an extreme pressure and lubricity additive, emulsifier, and rust inhibitor. SPEC LUBE 1510 is very effective when used as a replacement for oil based rolling lubricants, as an additive in for water based hydraulic fluids, and liquid drawing compounds. SPEC LUBE 1510 is non-toxic and does not contain any EPA rated hazardous solvents. SPEC LUBE-1510 is safe to use in multi-metal systems containing carbon steel, copper and aluminum. SPEC LUBE-1510 is formulated to be diluted with water at 5% concentration, however, depending on usage, SPEC LUBE-1510 is effective used between 1% and 10% concentration depending on load.

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SPEC SOL 143 is a blend of aliphatic solvents specifically formulated for heavy grease removal from machined metallic parts. SPEC SOL 143 is excellent in recirculation parts washers as it readily separates from water contamination. SPEC SOL 143 should be used as received. SPEC SOL 143 can be disposed as waste oil in accordance with local EPA regulations.

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SPEC STRIP 42C is a free flowing, non-volatile crystalline powder specially formulated with corrosion inhibiting properties to prevent metal attack when used in low to moderate cabinet pressure units. It will effectively remove grease, light carbon, loose paint and oily dirt from ferrous metal, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel without damaging the metal surface. SPEC STRIP 42C does not contain caustic soda, and is non-fuming in dry or solution form.

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Safe 'n Easy Metal Restorer

Safe 'n Easy Metal Restorer is a specially formulated globe environmentally friendly product for cleaning metal surfaces. It is a concentrated product that quickly removes oxidation, hard water stains, rust, mineral deposits, grease and other contaminates from copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum and glass surfaces. It does not contain any bleach, abrasives, caustic, hydrofluoric or muriatic acid or petroleum distillates. It covers approximately 150-200 square feet per gallon.

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Scandium metal foils Purified 99.9%

scandium metal foil rare earth sheets is customizable

Sc REM 99.9%

sputtering target

vacuum coating material, evaporation coating material

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