Neutralizing agents neutralize acid, alkali content from fabrics, textile products



Oxylase is enzyme based peroxide neutralizer to remove residual peroxide before dyeing of cotton substrate.

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HIM - PK is an enzyme based peroxide neutraliser removes excess of hydrogen peroxide present at the end of the bleaching cycle and before the dyeing process. It reduces the batch cycle time. It saves plenty of time, water & energy and does not interfere with dyeing of reactive dyes, hence there is no adverse effect on dyeing even if it is used in slight excess. It is a clear light brown liquid.

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GAMA KILL ensures a two stage one bath process of bleaching of cotton with hydrogen peroxide and dyeing with reactive dyes. GAMA KILL ensures even and rapid neutralization of hydrogen peroxide liquour so that the same bath can be used for the dyeing of reactive dyes. This results in optimization of the bleaching and dyeing cycles and savings in time, water and heat.

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DIKOACID-ECO is a high temperature stable, core alkali neutralizer for polyester. It has good properties for the rapid removal of alkali. This is a specialty high performance auxiliary which eliminates the need of Acetic Acid addition in textile processing. It also behaves as an effective neutralizing agent.

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Peroclean EF

Peroclean EF is a concentrated enzyme-based peroxide neutralizer to remove residual peroxide before dyeing of cotton substance.

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WashTechs 7220

WashTechs 7220 is a medium foaming liquid surfactant blend formulated for use as a wetting agent and detergent in garment wet processing. It provides optimum detergency performance for desize, abrasion and clean up baths.

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Kemphos – 004

Kemphos – 004 is a neutralizer chemical, which eliminates any residual acidity remaining after the water rinse. The job is dipped for 30-60 seconds at ambient temperature.

Multi Purpose Neutral Enzyme HPS <90%

Description:       Multi Purpose Neutral Enzyme

Advantages:       High De pilling & Excellent Bio-polishing

                               Very Low Back Staining 

                               Applicable in wide PH & Temperature Range 

                               Can be diluted further


Application:       Knit Fabrics, Denim Garments, Woven Garments & Fabrics, Terry Towel

Parameters:       Dosage : 0.1 – 0.5%

                               PH          : 5-7

                              Temp.   : 35 – 55° C

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