Nickel plating chemicals protects against rust, corrosion, deposits nickel other metals


BMP Butine Glycol Propoxylate

BMP Butine Glycol Propoxylate is butynediol and propylene oxide condensates, and is the most common long-term nickel plating of one of the intermediates, usually need to be used in conjunction with PAP, PPS, PVSS, COSS, PESS or MOSS auxiliary brightener.

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E-EN 600

E-EN 600, a high phos electroless nickel plating process that produces a semi-bright electroless nickel system that exceeds most competitive EN processes because of overall corrosion resistance, plate rate consistency, smoothness and stability.

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E-EN 602

E-EN 602, a mid phos electoless nickel plating process that produces bright mid phosphorus deposits that meet or exceed the standard lead/cadmium medium phosphorus EN baths. Exceptional brightness during the entire bath life and MTO on aluminum is one of its many benefits.

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E-Brite 757

E-Brite 757 is a single maintenance additive bright nickel plating process. It will produce highly ductile deposits which are free from laminations. It produces brilliant, white deposits of high clarity, reflectivity and depth. The deposit is active and can be chromium plated if specified. This nickel plating process can be used in barrel applications as well as cathode rod and air agitated rack installations.

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E-Brite 787

E-Brite 787 is an outstanding high performance, single maintenance additive, bright decorative nickel plating process. It is formulated to produce exceptional leveling with an extremely bright, thin nickel deposit. It is a single additive maintenance brightener process which eliminates operator caused imbalances of brightener and additives. It is used in applications requiring outstanding appearance with minimum thickness of applied nickel plating. It can also be used for heavy deposit applications because it exhibits unparalleled ductility and low stress.

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AQUA NICKSTRIP is particularly formulated for stripping of electrolytic or electroless nickel deposit on copper based material. It gives very little copper attack and protects the brightness of the copper base material such that the material is ready for further processing.

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E-Brite 700 SB

E-Brite 700 SB is a semi-bright sulfur-free plate for duplex nickel plating.

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E-Brite 704 MP

E-Brite 704 MP is a microporous nickel plating process which increases the corrosion resistance of the nickel-chrome plate by depositing a thin nickel deposit that has a specific amount of non conductive particles, resulting in a microporous chrome plate.

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