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Altifil is a hydrated aluminum silicate mineral produced from Newfoundland deposits of the mineral pyrophyllite with Al2O3 grades ranging from 18% to 24%. It imparts strength to fired ceramic products and can be used in refractory, ceramics, dinnerware and sanitary ware applications. Altifil pyrophyllite products exhibit a lower brightness of 89 and are designed for refractory applications or in applications as a functional mineral filler that are not color sensitive, such as automotive under-the-hood plastics, autobody filler, sealants & adhesives, seed coating, asphalt roofing etc.

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Altiplus functional fillers/extenders are used in compounding powder coatings master batches that are based on: polyurethane, PVC & vinyl based resins, polystyrene and phenolic. Altiplus products are suitable pitch control agents, trapping residual resins that cause blemishes in paper sheets.

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Aluminum Stearate

Aluminum stearate is a white powder soluble in oils and insoluble in water and alcohol. It is used as a lubricant in the production of polyamides and thermosetting plastics, a thickening agent in production of varnishes and lacquers, a water repellent agent and hydrophobic agent, a paint drier and a defoaming agent.

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Aluminum Target Purified 99.9%

aluminum sputtering target aluminium metal vacuum evaporation material 

metal surface treatment


Aminobenzyl Alcohol

Aminobenzyl alcohol, is a clear, colorless liquid with a mild pleasant aromatic odor.It features also good solvency, low toxicity and low vapor pressure. It is used as a general solvent for inks, paints, lacquers, epoxy resin coatings, and as a degreasing agent in cleaning as well as for chemical reaction process.

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Ammonium Polyacrylate

Ammonium polyacrylate is used as a dispersant for all inorganic pigments and fillers in paints being compatible with all common synthetic emulsions. It has low foaming properties. It is also used in coatings, adhesives.

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Anacardic Acid

Anacardic Acid is the main component of cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), and finds use in the chemical industry for the production of cardanol, which is used for resins, coatings, and frictional materials.

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Anti-Dust 500

Anti-Dust 500 a free V.O.C. water-based hybrid resins coating designed for hospital, clean room, food, water processing facilities and residential use. It is also use as an easy to clean coating for both internal and external use. It can be used on new or existing internal concrete, masonry or sound cement panel and board, primed ferrous or non ferrous metal.

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Antimony Tin Oxide Industrial Grade 99.95%

Antimony tin oxide is blue powder and ATO is short for it. Nano ATO powder has high conductivity and property of light-colored transparent, which get great prospects in surface coating applications.

Antimony Tin Oxide

Ratio:SnO2:Sb2O3=90:10 Purity:≥99.95% Specific Surface Area:45-75 Apparent Density:1.01
Primary particle size:10-15nm Aggregated particle size:50-60nm PH Value:5-11  


ATO nano powder mainly apply to antistatic coating. Adding ATO nano powder in polyamide, crylic acid and other matrix resin as conductive coating, choose proper dispersion method to make nano compound transparent antistatic coating.

Adding nano ATO powder when fiber springing, it doesn’t need special dispersing auxiliary due to consistency of inorganic nano ATO and fiber material.

When adding nano ATO or textile assistant in dyeing processing of raw material as wool top, polyester silk, it finish dyeing and functionalization together.

Antimony tin oxide is additive for antistatic plastics. Nano powder is of small size, which has good consistency to plastic. Further its color is light, processing conductive ATO to plastic additive or plastic conductive master. They are raw material for conductive plastic.

Apoxy 126 FS

Apoxy 126 FS a 100% resins rich anti-skid epoxy floor coating. It is an excellent choice of safe traffic flooring system. It can be used on new or existing internal and external concrete, masonry or sound cement panel and board, primed ferrous or non ferrous metal.

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