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Bermocoll is used as a thickener, stabilizer and water-retaining agent for water-based decorative paints. It also controls consistency, providing easy workability, extended open time and enhanced adhesion in cement and gypsum based systems.

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Betolin Q 40

Betolin Q 40 is a low viscosity, aqueous solution of special hydrophilic alkoxylated alkylammonium compounds.Betolin Q 40 has an influence on the polysilicates and silicic acid micelles of potassium silicate binders.It stabilizes the polysilicate ions and thereby reduces post-thickening and strong viscosity rise of paints and plasters on storage.Betolin Q 40 contains only small traces of organic solvent residues (VOC), supports the incorporation of inorganic pigments and fillers,improves the Betolin binders’ stability to electrolytes.Betolin Q 40 must be protected from frost during storage.Its shelf life in tightly closed containers is at least 12 months.

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Betolin V 30

Betolin V 30 is an anionic thickener with easy biological decomposition, based on polysaccharides.It is environmental friendly and also an effective stabilizer.It avoids the separation between solids and liquids and the agglomeration of fillers & pigments.Betolin V 30 is a thickener and stabilizer very effective.Betolin V 30 gives pseudoplasticity to the coating. Betolin V 30 avoids the separation between solids and liquids, and the agglomeration of fillers and pigments.To dissolve this product not only warm water but also cold water can be used.

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Bis(2-Chloroethyl) ether

Bis(2-Chloroethyl) ether has been used as a solvent, a chemical intermediate and as a soil fumigant.It is also used in cleaning compounds, paints and textile finishing.

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Bis(chloromethyl) ether is an organic compound. It is one of the chloroalkyl ethers. This colourless liquid is used for chloromethylation of aromatic substrates. It is produced industrially from paraformaldehyde and a mixture of chlorosulfonic acid and sulfuric acid

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Bismuth Metal Target Purified 99.99%

Bismuth metal sputtering target evaporation coating material vacuum plating material 

Minor metal Bi 99.99% foil plate wire rod sheet slugs

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Bismuth Metal USP 99.99%

bismuth metal ingot, powder, piece, lump, target, powder, granule, wire, foil, plate

Bi 99.99%

semiconductor, welding

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Bismuth Nitrate

Bismuth Nitrate is used for electronic ceramics, fluorescent paint,bismuth salts, pharmaceuticals.

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Bisomer Hydroxy Monomers

Bisomer Hydroxy Monomers are used extensively in the production of acrylic polyols for automotive OEM and refinish coatings as well as industrial coatings. Bisomer Hydroxy Monomers are also used as co-monomers in styrene based unsaturated polyesters, PMMA based acrylic resins and vinyl ester formulations in anchor bolts and chemical fixings. It may also be used in the production of emulsion polymers in combination with other acrylic monomers, notably for textile coatings and textile sizes.

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