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WS 40

WS 40 is a wax/paraffin and asphaltene solvent which is specifically formulated for a particular problem or well site. The blend can be any combination of aliphatic, naphthenic and aromatic solvents.WS 40 is blended site-specific in instances where other solvents perform poorly.WS 40 is an effective means to remove and control wax and asphaltene problems.WS 40 can also be used in conjunction with acid to remove scale deposition.WS 40 is used as part of a routine maintenance program by circulation within the wellbore on a regular scheduled program.

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SPI 2400

SPI 2400 a concentrated solvent additive that remedies asphaltene deposition and other formation problems associated with oil and gas production. It may also be used in conjunction with CO2.SPI 2400 is a non-ionic oil soluble compound that is stable at a high temperature (up to 350oC). SPI 2400 displays strong water wetting tendencies from its combined hydrophilic/hydrophobic nature, maintaining a preferentially water wet environment.SPI 2400 can be successfully applied to a whole range of reservoir brine salinities with no adverse effects on product performance.

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SPI 2402H

SPI 2402H a solvent additive specifically formulated for workovers and stimulations of production and injector wells where asphaltene and paraffin deposits are a problem. SPI 2402H is a concentrated blend of organic solvents, penetrants, and dispersants for prevention and dissolution of asphaltene and paraffin deposits. SPI 2402H is used for a variety of applications where these troublesome deposits cause plugging and reduced production.It is most effective in areas where asphaltene precipitation is a problem and provides long-lasting results. The product performs especially well in heavy oil with a high asphaltene content. SPI 2402H was specifically designed to eliminate or to reduce asphaltene and paraffin deposition problems.

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