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Finostab PK

Finostab PK is a peroxide neutraliser designed to remove residual peroxide from the bleaching process before Dyeing Process, because of the high sensitivity of many Reactive dyes to the carry forwarded peroxide from the bleaching. Time, water and steam savings are achieved by elimination of intermediate rinses, giving a greater efficiency of process and ensuring shade consistency.

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Finozyme EPK

Finozyme EPK is used in dye-bath before addition of dyes. Finozyme EPK is an economical enzyme peroxide killer.

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HIM - PK is an enzyme based peroxide neutraliser removes excess of hydrogen peroxide present at the end of the bleaching cycle and before the dyeing process. It reduces the batch cycle time. It saves plenty of time, water & energy and does not interfere with dyeing of reactive dyes, hence there is no adverse effect on dyeing even if it is used in slight excess. It is a clear light brown liquid.

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Oxylase is enzyme based peroxide neutralizer to remove residual peroxide before dyeing of cotton substrate.

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Peroclean EF

Peroclean EF is a concentrated enzyme-based peroxide neutralizer to remove residual peroxide before dyeing of cotton substance.

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Polycol-OS is an organic peroxide stabiliser.

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Polycol-PST is an non silicate hydrogen peroxide stabiliser.

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SYNKROCELL - PK is catalase enzyme to remove the residual peroxide.

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Synthokill-P is used in the removal of residual hydrogen peroxide used in bleaching of textiles before dyeing.

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