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cas 90-47-1


cas 126150-97-8


Theobromine is a bitter xanthine alkaloid of the cacao, plantisomer of theophylline, as well as paraxanthine. Theobromine is the primary alkaloid found in cocoa and chocolate. Theobromine is used as a vasodilator (a blood vessel widener), a diuretic (urination aid), and heart stimulant. Theobromine is an isomer of theophylline, as well as paraxanthine. Theobromine was first discovered in 1841 in cacao beans by Russian chemist Alexander Voskresensky. Theobromine has also been used in birth defect experiments involving mice and rabbits. Theobromine is known to induce gene mutations in lower eukaryotes and bacteria. Theobromine is weaker in both its inhibition of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases and its antagonism of adenosine receptors.

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Decitabine Intermediates 5-Azacytosine 931-86-2 2-Deoxy-D-ribose 533-67-5

CAS 2942-59-8

2-Chloronicotinic acid Product Name: 2-Chloronicotinic acid Manufacturer: Boxing Jinxin Chemical Industry Co..Ltd Synonyms: 2-Chloro-3-pyridinecarboxylic acid?2-Chloropyridine-3-carboxylic acid CAS Registry Number: [ 2942-59-8 ] Formula: C6H4ClNO2 Molecular Weight: 157.5 Specifications: Appearance: white crystal Purity (%): >99.5 Moisture (%): <0.3 6-Chloronicotinic acid: <0.08 Sulfate ash (%): <0.2 Melting point (?C): 176-180 Risk Term: R36/37/38 Safety Term: S24/25; S26; S37/39 Hazard Codes: Xi Packaging & Storage 25 kg net in carton drum. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances Usage As intermediate of pharmaceutical (such as Pranoprofen, Nevirapine and other pain-killer drug) or intermediate of amide pesticides (such as Nicosulfuron, Diflufenican).

rad 140 CP 99%

Testolone RAD 140
Prouct Name: RAD 140,RAD-140 Sarms powder
Synonyms: Testolone, Radarine
Cas No.: 1182367-47-0
Appearance: White fine powder
Molecular Formular: C20H16ClN5O2
Molar Mass: 393.83 g/mol
Purity: 99%
Function:New generation supplements for gaining mass
Testolone (RAD140) is the newest compound in the family of selective androgen receptor modulators, or as they are better known - SARMS. Therefore, its major advantage over anabolic steroids is that it offers similar positive results, with barely any side effects at all. Indeed, this is quite a unique compound, even when it is compared to other SARMS.
RAD-140 acts on selective androgen receptors exclusively in muscle and bone tissues therefore it mimics hormone receptors that are very similar to testosterone without the side effects because of its selective action. Besides rapid increase in building muscular tissues research has shown RAD-140 shows strong increases in stamina and endurance during high intensity exercise to go along with great increases in muscle recovery.  Research studies have shown that RAD-140 has greater anabolic effects than testosterone because it produces more reinforced results without side effects and it’s great for those that need supplemental hormonal therapy. RAD-140 had also shown to preserve neurons in the brain and have neuroprotective properties as with testosterone and is a great benefit to those with neurodegenerative diseases.  Summing everything up RAD-140 is a great SARM for rapid increases in muscle growth, improvements in endurance, and increases overall athletic performance.
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Decitabine Intermediates 5-Azacytosine 931-86-2 2-Deoxy-D-ribose 533-67-5

Bekanamycin 98%

Bekanamycin, Cas# 4696-76-8

Appearance: white powder


Mes USP min. 99%

Hopax is a manufacturer and supplier of Mes (CAS 4432-31-9), a zwitterionic biological buffer often used as a buffering agent in biological and biochemical research.


Since this Good's Buffer lacks the capability to form a complex with most metal ions, therefore it is recommended for use as a noncoordinating buffer in different solutions with metal ions.


Mes is a popular choice for buffered culture media for bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells. Similarly to Bis-Tris (also manufactured by Hopax), Mes is considered an excellent substitute for the highly toxic buffer cacodylate.


Its use has also been reported in electrophoresis, as well as different types of chromatography, such as gel-filtration, phosphocellulose column, hydrophobic interaction and cation exchange chromatography. In personal care and cosmetics applications, Mes can protect the active ingredients of the formulations against degradation.


Hopax's Mes is specially tested and certified to be free of DNase, RNase and protease activity for molecular biology application.


Synonyms: 2-(N-Morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid | 4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid


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