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Eupatilin is a O-methylated flavone, a type of flavonoids. It can be found in Artemisia asiatica. It is a drug used in the treatment of acid-related disorders.

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Everolimus is a derivative of Rapamycin (sirolimus), and works similarly to Rapamycin as an mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) inhibitor. It is currently used as an immunosuppressant to prevent rejection of organ transplants.

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Exenatide is a medication approved in April 2005 for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2. It belongs to the group of incretin mimetics. Exenatide is a synthetic version of exendin-4, a hormone found in the saliva of the Gila monster that was first isolated by Dr. John Eng in 1992 while working at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in the Bronx, New York. It displays biological properties similar to human glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1).

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Exenatide Acetate

Exenatide Acetate is a medication approved (Apr 2005) for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2.Its mechanism is similar to that of GLP-1 .

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Ezetimibe is a drug that lowers cholesterol. It acts by decreasing cholesterol absorption in the intestine.

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FAB-144 is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid that is presumed to be a potent agonist of the CB1 receptor and has been sold online as a designer drug.It is the indazole analogue of XLR-11.

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Factory Supply 99.5% Essential Flavor Enhancer Guaiacol 90-05-1

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Factory Supply 99.5% Essential Flavor Enhancer Guaiacol 90-05-1
Guaiacol Basic Info.:
Product Name: Guaiacol
CAS No.: 90-05-1
MF: C7H8O2
MW: 124.13
EINECS: 201-964-7
Density: 1.12 g / ml
Melting point: 27-29 ºC
Boiling point: 205 ºC
Flash Point: 82 ºC
Water-soluble: 17g / L (15 ºC)
White or slightly yellow crystal or colorless to pale yellow oily liquid. There are special fragrance. Slightly soluble in water and benzene. Soluble in glycerol. With ethanol, chloroform, oils, glacial acetic acid mixture.
Uses: pharmaceutical and intermediates, synthetic fragrances and dyes, etc.
Packing: 25KG / plastic drum.
Guaiacol Description:
espite being with a characteristic odor of guaiacol it works great for making compounds are difficult to dissolve. Testosterone base use 15% of it plus 20% BB and 2% BA, the rest use ethyl oleate instead of oil, works great and painless to 75-100 mg / ml manner.
Injectable methandienone in 50 mg / ml, use 20% BB, 2% BA, 12.5% guaiacol and the rest with the oil of your choice (I like to use canola oil). Or use 5% guaiacol, 20% BB, 2% BA and the other remaining half oil half ethyl oleate.
Methenolone enanthate 200 mg / ml I use 30% BB, 2% BA, remaining ethyl oleate. Or I use BB 30%, 2% BA, 10 % guaiacol and the rest with oil of your choice.
Some compounds are extremely hard to become stable at a reasonable concentration, using only ethyl oleate and / or guaiacol this stabilize is possible and painlessly.
Another tip that helps in dissolution of the powder is heat solvents (BB, BA and guaiacol) to 140 degrees F, add the powder until completely dissolved, slowly add the oil or ethyl oleate.
However careful when using ethyl oleate, filtering should be done with syringe filters.Vacuum Filters with Merck Millipore I use can leave the compound with a blue / green color, maybe the material (not the filter) is partially dissolved in the ethyl oleate. I use only PTFE and PVDF membranes in my compound.
Guaiacol Application:
Allowed edible perfume. Natural Guaiacol is used in confect a series of essence of coffee, herb, fumes and tobacco. Natural Guaiacol is also use as perfume and antioxidants in food and daily chemicals synthesize vanillin and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Factory Supply 99.9% Purity Polyethylene Glycol / PEG CAS 25322-68-3

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Factory Supply 99.9% Purity Polyethylene Glycol / PEG CAS 25322-68-3
Poly Ethylene Glycol Basic Info.:
Product Name: Poly Ethylene Glycol
Synonym: AlkoxE 130;1,2-ethanediol,homopolymer;Alcox E 30;alcoxe30;alkapolpeg-200;alkapolpeg-300;alkapolpeg-600
CAS No.: 25322-68-3
EINECS No.: 200-849-9
MF: (C2H4O)H2O
MW: 44.0526
Density: 1.125
Melting Point: -65ºC
Boiling Point: 250ºC
Refractive Index: 1.458-1.461
Flash Point: 171ºC
Solubility: H2O: 50 mg/mL, clear, colorless.
Appearance: Clear colorless viscous liquid.
Grade: Cosmetic Grade, Food Grade, Medicine Grade
Storage: This product is non-toxic, flame retardant, as a general shipments of chemicals, sealed and stored in dry place.
Poly Ethylene Glycol Usage:
Used in conjunction with carbon black to form a conductive composite. 1 Polymer nanospheres of poly(ethylene glycol) were used for drug delivery
Poly Ethylene Glycol Applications:
Polyethylene glycol 400 is suited to prepare for the soft capsule most. The polyethylene glycol 400 is a liquid and has a broad compatibility with various solvents, so it is a good solvent and solubilizer and is widely used in liquid preparations, such as the oral solution, eye drops and so on.
When the vegetable oil is not suitable for a co-active ingredient carrier material, the polyethylene glycol is the preferred substitute material because the polyethylene glycol is stable and non-perishable. Besides, the injections containing polyethylene glycol are very safe and stable as long as it has been heated to 150 degrees Celsius. In addition, it can blend with PEG with high molecular weight and the mixture has a good solubility and drug compatibility.


Famprofazone is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent of the pyrazolone series. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic effects. It has been known to produce methamphetamine as an active metabolite, with 15-20% of an oral dose being converted to it. As a result, famprofazone has occasionally been implicated in causing false positives on drug tests for amphetamines.

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Farnesylacetic acid LAB GRADE 97%

Farnesylacetic acid ,under the IUPAC name (4E,8E)-5,9,13-trimethyltetradeca-4,8,12-trienoic acid, has four of the isomeric forms in theory, whose esters are valuable compounds which are employed as medicines having anti-ulcer activity and also as perfumes.