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Diethylammonium Chloride

Diethylammonium chloride is used in organic synthesis for polymerization catalyst, chain extender in urethane coatings, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, photographic, heat stabilizers, polymerization catalysts, flame-retardants, blowing agents for plastics, explosives, and colorants.

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Difluprednate is a corticosteroid, It is chemically a butyrate ester of 6(alpha),9(alpha)-difluoro prednisolone acetate. Accordingly, difluprednate is sometimes abbreviated DFBA, for difluoroprednisolone butyrate acetate.

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Dimethylaminopropyl Chloride

Dimethylaminopropyl Chloride is used primarily as an industrial and research organic chemical.It is also used as a pharmaceutical intermediate for the synthesis of many types of drugs, as an agricultural chemical intermediate, as a photographic chemical intermediate, and as a biochemical reagent for enzyme and other studies.

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Dimezone is used as a photographic developing agent.

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Dimezone S

Dimezone S is used as a photographic developing agent.

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Disodium Succinate

Disodium succinate is used as a seasoning agent, flavoring agent for food and beverages, intermediate for dyes, perfumes, medicines, lacquers, photographic chemicals, alkyd resins, plasticizer, metal treatment chemical, vehicle water cooling systems and coatings.

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Erbium is a rare earth element which is associated with several other rare elements in the mineral gadolinite from Ytterby in Sweden. It is commonly used as a photographic filter, and because of its resilience it is useful as a metallurgical additive. It is also used in nuclear technology in neutron-absorbing control rods. When added to vanadium as an alloy, erbium lowers hardness and improves work ability. Erbium oxide has a pink color, and is sometimes used as a colorant for glass, cubic zirconia and porcelain. The glass is then often used in sunglasses and cheap jewelry. Erbium-doped optical silica-glass fibers are the active element in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, which are widely used in optical communications. A large variety of medical applications utilize erbium ion's 2940 nm emission, which is highly absorbed in water. Such shallow tissue deposition of laser energy is necessary for laser surgery, and the efficient production of steam for laser enamel ablation in dentistry.

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Ethlenediaminetetraaceticacid Ferric Sodiumsalt

Ethlenediaminetetraaceticacid ferric sodiumsalt is used as Iron fortifying agent,decoloring agent in techniques for photography. It is also used as an additive in food industry, It can be used as trace element in agriculture and catalyst industry.

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Europium Sulfide LAB GRADE 99%

europium sulfide europium(II) sulfide optical rare earth material semiconductor material

EuS 99%

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FILM CLEANER FRS is photographic film cleaner, moderate evaporation for universal use.

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