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Barium Chloride

Barium dichloride is a white solid, odorless, hygroscopic chemical substance. Barium dichloride is used in the manufacture of pigments, in the manufacture of other barium salts and in fireworks to give a bright green color. It is one of the most common watersoluble salts of barium. Like other barium salts, it is toxic and imparts a yellow-green coloration to a flame. Barium chloride has wide application in the laboratory.

Molybdic Acid

Molybdic Acid is the hydrated forms of molybdenum trioxide. It is used for the determination of phosphorus or phosphate and lead. It is also used in glazes for ceramics, in manufacturing of Rock Phosphate based Fertilizers, Pigments, Dyes, Colors etc.

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2,5-Dichloroaniline is used as inetermediate for dyes, pigments and pesticides.

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Diisopropyl Malonate

Diisopropyl Malonate is used to medicine, pesticide, paint, pigment and other fine organic chemical industry.

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benzoguanamine >99%

Benzoguanamine can be used to produce fluorescent color and benzoguanamine formaldehyde resin.


m-Nitrochlorobenzene is an important intermediate of dyes and pharmaceuticals. It is used to produce chloroaniline, azo dyes, pigments, drugs, pesticides etc.

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4-Methyl-2-Nitroaniline is a red crystals or bright orange powder. It is used as intermediates for dyes and pigments.

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2,5-Dichloronitrobenzene is used as an intermediate for pigments, pesticides and UV absorbents in closed systems.

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