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ICHO LACE is safe and eco-friendly specialized products meant for coloration of paints & coatings. ICHO LACE is fine stable pigment powder, which have a wide compatibility with various acrylic binders, additives used in paints & coatings.ICHO LACE are selected to impart excellent dispersion characteristics with excellent gloss, transparency, rheology, thixotropic properties to impart good gloss and consistent color value and tint strength.

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ICHO PLAST is safe and Eco-friendly specialized products meant for coloration of plastics rubber & allied products-artistic colors. ICHO PLAST is fine stable pigment powder, which have wide compatibility with various acrylic binders, additives used in plastic, rubber and allied products.

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INDUTINT rades are based on aldehyde resin, they are compatible with most of the industrial coatings. INDUTINT grades are specially made pourable and pumpable pigment preparations for the ease of using them in dispensing machines and offers advantages in processing with dispensing machines.INDUTINT is used in acrylic thermoplastic, polyurethane, polyester, long oil, medium oil, short oil, styrenated alkyds, epoxies (aliphatic, aromatic, any phenolic butyrates), nitrocellulose, alkyd melamine system (melamine formaldehyde resins), chlorinated rubber, hydrocarbon resin, vinyl chloride copolymer, hydroxy-polyacrylates and phthalate plasticizers.

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Irgalite are ilassical organic pigments with fair processing and end-use performance for non-critical applications.

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JUP-2110 is an organic UV visible fluorescent pigment. It is widely used in stamp ink, printing ink, security printing ink, coating and dyeing etc.

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JUP-AS110 is an IR visible fluorescent pigment. It is luminescent pigments that converts invisible infrared light into different visible color light for various kinds of printing application such as anti-counterfeiting ink and security ink, and will not have any worse effect while mixing with any types of inks. It's can be added in plastic, paper, cloth, ceramic, glass and solution etc.

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JUP-P103 is an inorganic UV visible fluorescent pigment. It is used in stamp ink, printing ink, security printing ink, coating and dyeing.

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KRONOS 2220 is the leading KRONOS rutile pigment for the plastics industry.It meets the highest demands on material handling, dispersibility, optical properties and weather resistance. KRONOS 2220 has been the market leader for many years, particularly in the PVC profile industry.KRONOS 2220 rutile pigment produced by the chloride process.

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Lead Monoxide

Lead monoxide is an inorganic compound. It is produced on a large scale as an intermediate in the conversion of lead ores, mainly galena into metallic lead. The consumption of lead, and hence the processing of PbO, correlates with the number of automobiles because it remains the key component of automotive lead-acid batteries. It is used extensively in manufacturing of lead glasses and ceramic glazes as well as in fine dinnerware. Other less dominating applications include the vulcanization of rubber and the production of certain pigments and paints. It is used in cathode ray tube glass to block X-ray emission, but mainly in the neck and funnel because it can cause discoloration when used in the faceplate. Strontium oxide is preferred for the faceplate. PbO is used in certain condensation reactions in organic synthesis.

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