Buy leather industry pigments coloring chemicals avoids leather surface defects


Ammonium Bi Chromate

Ammonium Bichromate is a strong oxidizer, caution should be taken, and goggles worn at all times. Chromium salts are toxic to humans and the environment, so all waste should be disposed of in hazardous waste.


Savinyl is having properties like metal complex dyes, high to moderate light fastness, high color strength, transparency and brilliancy, standardized in polar organic solvents.


Graphtol is having properties like organic powder pigments, average/good fastness properties, medium heat resistance.


Novoperm is high performance organic powder pigments. Novoperm consisting of phthalocyanine, polycyclic and high performance azo pigments.


Hostaperm are organic powder pigments. Hostaperm is having excellent fastness properties.

Pigment Green 7

Pigment Green 7 is a synthetic green pigment.It is a bright, high intensity colour used in oil and acrylic based paints,printing inks, lacquers, rubber, leather and book cloth, textile printing, Plastic, PVC, paper surfacing, chalks, coloured pencils.

Pigment Yellow 147

Pigment Yellow 147 is used in paint, coating, leather and many other industrial applications.

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Polymer Soluble Orange 63

Polymer Soluble Orange 63 is easy to install and use. Polymer Soluble Orange 63 is used in leather industries, pavements, roofing tiles.

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