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HDPE MP6020-100 is a bimodal molecular structure compound classified as PE100 – hexane copolymer. It’s a high density polyethylene contains 2.2 % well dispersed carbon black class A to ensure outstanding weather resistance, provides high tensile strength with high resistance against fast and slow crack propagation.
The added carbon black type is less sensitive to moisture despite the hygroscopic behavior due to its fine particle size. It also shows a very high impact resistance throughout its entire temperature range combined with an acute resistance to fracture which is a significant advantage in applications where temperature is very low so it can be used at temperatures ranging from -50 oC to 60 oC.

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polyethylene FOOD GRADE

A medium density polyethylene (MDPE) powder compound designed to provide excellent stress crack resistance, better mechanical properties with high rigidity, toughness, gloss and very low warpage. Antioxidants and UV stabilizers are added to ensure protection against degradation by heat or UV irradiation.

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pvc stabilizer for wire and cable technical 90% Technical 89.8

The products are scientifically composed of organic calcium salt, organic zinc salt, PVC additives and other materials. (note:commonly used in nowadays)

1. The products are non-toxic.Passed SGS test and conforms to ROHS, REACH testing standards;

2. Thermal stability well and slippery fine, can promote plasticization, improve brightness and VOC level;

3. Good anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties;

4. Electric insulation properties splendid and anti-precipitation performance excellent ;

5. Discoloured by copper wire;

Referance formulation

6. Good synergistic effect with epoxy soybean.




epoxy soybean oil


Calcium carbonate




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Appropriate amount





Appropriate amount


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sodium hydrosulfite

This compound is a water-soluble salt, and can be used as a reducing agent in aqueous solutions. It is used as such in some industrial dyeing processes, where an otherwise water-insoluble dye can be reduced into a water-soluble alkali metal salt. The reduction properties of sodium dithionite also eliminate excess dye, residual oxide, and unintended pigments, thereby improving overall colour quality.

Sodium dithionite can also be used for water treatment, gas purification, cleaning, and stripping. It can also be used in industrial processes as a sulfonating agent or a sodium ion source. In addition to the textile industry, this compound is used in industries concerned with leather, foods, polymers, photography, and many others. Its wide use is attributable to its low toxicity LD50 at 5 g/kg, and hence its wide range of applications. It is also used as decolourising agent in organic reactions.

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tert-Butyl Acrylamide

tert-Butyl Acrylamide is a monomer used in plastics and polymer.

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