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Poly 4,4-Isopropylidenediphenol C12-C15 Alcohol Phosphite

Poly 4,4-Isopropylidenediphenol C12-C15 Alcohol Phosphite is used to improve the color, light stability and clarity of PVC and vinyl chloride copolymers.

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2,2'-bis(3,4-dicarboxyphenyl)hexafluoropropane dianhydride

2,2'-bis(3,4-dicarboxyphenyl)hexafluoropropane dianhydride is a monomer that can be incorporated in polyimides to increase their solubility while maintaining their thermal stability.

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pvc stabilizer for wire and cable technical 90% Technical 89.8

The products are scientifically composed of organic calcium salt, organic zinc salt, PVC additives and other materials. (note:commonly used in nowadays)

1. The products are non-toxic.Passed SGS test and conforms to ROHS, REACH testing standards;

2. Thermal stability well and slippery fine, can promote plasticization, improve brightness and VOC level;

3. Good anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties;

4. Electric insulation properties splendid and anti-precipitation performance excellent ;

5. Discoloured by copper wire;

Referance formulation

6. Good synergistic effect with epoxy soybean.




epoxy soybean oil


Calcium carbonate




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Depending on purity, benzalkonium chloride ranges from colourless to a pale yellow. Benzalkonium chloride is readily soluble in ethanol and acetone. Although dissolution in water is slow, aqueous solutions are easier to handle and are preferred. Aqueous solutions should be neutral to slightly alkaline. Solutions foam when shaken. Concentrated solutions have a bitter taste and a faint almond-like odour.
Standard concentrates are manufactured as 50% and 80% w/w solutions, and sold under trade names such as BC50, BC80, BAC50, BAC80, etc. The 50% solution is purely aqueous, while more concentrated solutions require incorporation of rheology modifiers (alcohols, polyethylene glycols, etc.) to prevent increases in viscosity or gel formation under low temperature conditions.
In cosmetics and personal care products, Benzalkonium Chloride is used in the formulation of shampoos, personal cleanliness products, skin cleansers, and skin care and eye makeup preparations.
Benzalkonium Chloride is used to prevent or inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in finished products. It also functions as a foam booster and as a detergent, where it helps water to mix with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed away.
Benzalkonium Chloride exhibits excellent anti bacterial activity and finds use in Sugar, Leather, Paper and Pulp Industries and its antimicrobial activity finds use in Cooling Water Towers, Swimming Pools, Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals and Prawn Culture. Topical Anti-infective widely used in Hygiene and Health Care Products.
Provides Antiseptic & Antistatic finish to textile (Bio Wash)
Also finds use in Pharma Industries for Eye Drops, Dental Solutions and Ointments
Cationic surfactant
Benzalkonium chloride also possesses surfactant properties, dissolving the lipid phase of the tear film and increasing drug penetration, making it a useful.
· Laundry detergents and treatments
· Softeners for textiles

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