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Buy Nitroethane which is = used as a fuel additive. Nitroethane is a useful solvent for polymers such as polystyrene and is particularly useful for dissolving cyanoacrylate adhesives. In niche applications, it has been used as a component in artificial nail remover and in overhead ceiling sealant sprays. Alpha Chemika is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Nitroethane committed to manufacturing products as per International standards for total customer satisfaction.

Nix Stix X-9032A

Nix Stix X-9032A is used as mold releasing agent. It is produces a fine spray that wets the mold surface well and passes the flame extension test.It is also used in medical and food applications.

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Octene-1 is an alpha-olefin, meaning that the double bond is located at the alpha (primary) position, endowing this compound with higher reactivity and thus useful chemical properties. Octene-1 is one of the important linear alpha olefins in industry. The primary, even overwhelming, use of 1-octene is as a comonomer in production of polyethylene. High-density polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene use approximately 2-4% and 8-10% of comonomers, respectively. Another significant use of 1-octene is for production of linear aldehyde via OXO Synthesis (hydroformylation) for later production of the short-chain fatty acid nonanoic acid, a carboxylic acid, by oxidation of an intermediate aldehyde or linear alcohols for plasticizer application by hydrogenation of the aldehyde.

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Omadine is an insoluble white solid that is sold either as a dry powder,or as an aqueous dispersion for industrial and personal care applications.

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Omyacarb 2T

Omyacarb 2T is calcium carbonate which is an effective filler for use in thermoplastics.

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Ottopol 522

Ottopol 522 is an anionic hydroxyl functional acrylic emulsion. Ottopol 522 hard acrylic emulsion with hydroxyl functionality, crosslinks with melamine and epoxy resins for excellent solvent resistance.

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