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Diethylene Glycol

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P-11 is a linear oil free polyester resin developed for use in coil coating, sheet fed metal decorating and general industrial applications. It is compatible with wide range of melamine resins and is typically used with hexamethoxymethyl melamines and partially methylated melamines.

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P-13 is used as a binder for car body fillers and for automotive putty. The putty forms hard and tough film on curing. It provides very good adhesion on metal and further it is 100% VOC free. It is a unsaturated polyester resin based on DCPD dissolved in styrene, and the resin is pre-accelerated with polyamine resin which has a medium viscosity and high reactivity.

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VRP 2025

VRP 2025 is a highly flexible orthophthalic acid based unsaturated polyester resin that contains no styrene. It is specifically made for use as base for dispersion of polyester pigments. It has a medium viscosity, good wetting, very high clarity, glossiness, and is capable of taking high filler loading. It is suitable for making unsaturated polyester pigments.

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VRP 2122

VRP 2122 is a medium reactive unsaturated polyester resin processed from washed recycled PET flakes or granules. It has better mechanical properties and has a low viscosity, good wetting, and is fast curing. The resin is suitable for hand lay-up, RTM and other molding techniques. It can be used for the manufacture of automobile parts, FRP doors, helmets etc.

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VRP 2131

VRP 2131 is a medium reactive isophthalic acid based unsaturated polyester resin. It has better mechanical, corrosion, and electrical properties and has high water resistance and good wetting, and is fast curing. It is suitable for hand lay-up, RTM, pultrusion, filament winding, and other molding techniques and can be used for the manufacture of marine products, tanks, pipes, automobile parts, gratings etc. Also, it is available as a pre-accelerated, thixotropic, or low viscosity resin.

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VRP 2151

VRP 2151 is a medium reactive superior grade orthophthalic acid based unsaturated polyester resin. It has a very low viscosity, excellent wetting, good weather resistance, and is fast curing. It is suitable for making translucent rooflite sheets and also available in UV stabilized and pre-accelerated versions.

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AROPLAZ 15-143

AROPLAZ 15-143 is saturated oil-free polyester resin. This resin is characterized by its excellent flexibility, excellent color retention and good resistance to calcination. AROPLAZ 15-143 is designed for applications in the industrial segment, such as, in the formulation of stove-dried varnishes where maximum color and brightness retention is required. AROPLAZ 15-143 may also be used to cover coils and in the preparation of metallographic varnishes and polyurethane varnishes.

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AROPLAZ 15-173

AROPLAZ 15-173 is alkyl-modified polyester resin. This resin has excellent firmness, good color retention and high brightness. AROPLAZ 15-173 is highly resistant to outdoor environments and abrasion. Designed for industrial applications, for example, as modifier of nitrocellulose lacquers and stove enamel. AROPLAZ 15-173 may also be used in the formulation of polyurethane varnishes and dyes.

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AROPOL K 530 TB is a thixotropic, preaccelerated isophthalic based special purpose resin with good mechanical properties combined with high temperature resistance. It is a medium reactive polyester resin with relatively long gel time. It is suitable for spray-up and hand lay-up application for manufacturing different types of composites exposed to a corrosive environment and/or composites where good mechanical properties are important. It is used in production of tanks, pipes, silos, boats etc.

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