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Tertiary Butyl Hydro peroxide Industrial Grade 70%

MATRINOX Tertiary Butyl Hydroperoxide (TBHP) is an organic peroxide used widely in oxidation process and as an initiator for polymerization process.

Laurox W-40

Laurox W-40 as an initiator for the (co)polymerization of vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride, acrylates and methacrylates. Being thermally unstable substance, it may undergo self-acceleration.

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Trigonox 101

Trigonox 101 is an efficient peroxide for the degradation of polypropylene in the temperature range of 200-250 degree centigrade. It allows polypropylene producers great flexibility in controlling polymers melt flow index. It can also be used as chaser catalyst to reduce residual monomer in the mass polymerization of styrene.

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Laurox W-40-GD4

Laurox W-40-GD4 is an initiator for the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride in the temperature range between 60 degree centigrade and 80 degree centigrade. In many cases it is combined with a more active initiator to increase reactor efficiency.

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Trigonox 36-C75

Trigonox 36-C75 is an efficient initiator for the ethylene polymerization under high pressure in both autoclave and tubular processes. To obtain a wide spectrum of polymerization temperatures, combinations with other peroxides are applied. It can also be applied as an initiator for the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride in the temperature range 50-70 degree centigrade.

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Trigonox 187-W26

Trigonox 187-W26 is an extremely active initiator especially developed for the low temperature polymerization of vinyl chloride to product high K-value PVC. It can also used in combination with other peroxides to increase reactor efficiency.

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benzoyl peroxide Technical 75%

Suitable for the curing of unsaturated polyester resins.

methyl ethyl ketone peroxide Technical 50%

SHIVOX MEKP  is a general purpose methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) for the curing of unsaturated polyester resins in the presence of a cobalt accelerator at room and elevated temperatures.

The curing system SHIVOX  MEKP/cobalt accelerator is particularly suitable for the curing of gelcoat resins, laminating resins, lacquers and castings; moreover, the manufacture of light resistant parts may be possible contrary to the curing system benzoyl peroxide/amine accelerator.

Practical experience throughout many years has proven that by the guaranteed low water content and the absence of polar compounds in SHIVOX MEKP, this peroxide is very suitable in GRP products for e.g. marine applications.

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