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Achieve 1605

Achieve 1605 is a polypropylene homo polymer resin designed for medical, electronics and other applications requiring cleanliness. It provides lower, volatile and extractables and better clarity than conventional homo polymers.

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Achieve 3854

Achieve 3854 is a polypropylene homo polymer resin which is designed for high-strength spun bond and fine denier fiber applications. It features excellent uniformity for high-speed spinning of fine fibers. Its stabilizer package is suitable for most non woven and filament applications. Narrow molecular weight distribution of the resin allows for excellent uniformity, finer fibers and high tensile strength allowing for creative innovations in applications and possible down gauging.

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Achieve 6936G2

Achieve 6936G2 is an ultra high melt flow rate metallocene based polypropylene homo polymer resin designed for melt blown non woven applications. It fabrics with superior barrier properties and can be produced at reduced process energy demands. With no peroxide and low extractables, this clean and consistent polymer improves efficiency in fabric production through reduced energy demand.

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Formolene 1102L

Formolene 1102L is a high molecular weight, highly isotactic, polypropylene homopolymer designed for extrusion processes, notably slit tape. It contains a unique combination of stabilizers, which provides excellent process ability and good end use performance. It contains neither slip nor anti-block.

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Formolene 5140L

Formolene 5140L is a highly nucleated polypropylene homopolymer designed for general purpose injection molding applications including closures, packaging, small appliances, housewares and toys. It contains a unique combination of stabilizers, which provides excellent process-ability with good stiffness, environmental stress crack resistance, heat performance and minimal odor & taste.

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Formolene 5144L

Formolene 5144L is a highly isotactic, nucleated polypropylene homopolymer designed for consumer products and appliance applications that require high stiffness and long-term exposure to elevated temperatures. It has found success in home laundry and dishwasher applications.

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polypropylene homopolymer Technical 90

polypropylene natural pellets MFR 12 and higher.

out of grade materials. 

we are looking to establish a long term business, starting with  20 metric tons and if the material is what we are looking for increasing it up to 100 tons per month. payment terms is FOB L/C at Sight. 

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