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Diamminedichloropalladium is used for testing the carbon monoxide and palladium plating.

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IridiumIV Oxide

IridiumIV Oxide is the only well characterised oxide of iridium.It is used with other rare oxides in the coating of anode-electrodes for industrial electrolysis.IridiumIV Oxide can be formed by oxidation of iridium black, a finely divided powder of iridium metal.

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Palladium Nitrate

Palladium Nitrate is a red-brown solid. It is a skin and respiratory irritant. It is normally stable at room temperature, but decomposes at higher temperatures.Palladium nitrate may be prepared by dissolving palladium oxide hydrate in dilute nitric acid followed by crystallization.

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Potassium Dicyanoaurate(I)

Potassium Dicyanoaurate(I) is a gold salt used in the electroplating industry.

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RhodiumIII Oxide

RhodiumIII Oxide is used as industrial catalysts in manufacturing of chemical intermediates such as oxo-alcohols, as well as nitric acid and ethanoic (acetic) acid productions.

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